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The Entertation Index: July 28

July 28, 2010

Connolly, Kevin – The Entourage co-star directed an upcoming episode of the show which included a sex scene between Adrian Grenier and real-life porn star Sasha Grey.  Connolly said the scene was “awkward,” and may have admitted that it was really hard to get the perfect shot.  The cast and crew were behind her the whole way, though.  (Yes, those are easy, sophomoric jokes, but as we’ve noted before, it is impossible to write about anything porn related without double entendres.)

Link: Connolly Directs (Huffington Post)

Facebook – The social networking site had been experiencing some filtering problems recently, when a page with the word “Palestinian” in it was blocked, and people with the surname “Arab” were not allowed to register or change to that last name.  Other users have reported similar problems: “When I tried to sign up, Facebook told me ‘Our automated system will not approve this name,’” said Justin Holyfuckingshitballs of St. Louis, MO.  “I thought it was just a computer error or something.”

Link: Facebook Screens (Gawker)

Franco, James – OK, I don’t watch a lot of network TV and I haven’t seen a soap opera episode in probably 20 years.  However, this clip of Brown Tweed hero James Franco on General Hospital falling to his death while a drag queen recites the “Mad World” lyrics, simply must be seen to be…completely not understood.

Link: Franco Dies on GH (Gawker)

Hogan, Linda – Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife is engaged to 21-year-old Charlie Hill, who will be step-father to a friend a year older than he is.  This is wrong not because of the age difference, but because the dude who’s marrying the Hulkster’s ex wasn’t even alive during the height of Hulkamania.

Link: Linda Hogan Engaged (Limelife)

Roberts, Eric – The star of soon-to-be-released masterpiece Sharktopus has revealed that the addiction for which he’ll appear on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab is marijuana dependency.  His wife Eliza hesitates to call it an addiction, though: “He uses marijuana as a medication. He has a prescription. He doesn’t even smoke it, he uses a vaporizer pen.  However, a dependency is a dependency and he doesn’t want to be dependent on it anymore.”  She may have added, “well it’s not so much the marijuana as he just doesn’t want to keep eating a bag of Cheetos and a box of pizza rolls while cracking up at Robot Chicken on Hulu every night.”

Link: Roberts’ Addiction Revealed (E! Online)

Ruffalo, Mark – The Shutter Island actor will play The Incredible Hulk in the upcoming movie The Avengers.  Hollywood can’t decide who should play the green grump, having gone with Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Eric Bana, Ed Norton, and now Ruffalo.  Continuing the indecision, rumor has it that Avengers sequels will cast as the next Hulk either Al Roker, the Olson twins, or one of the dogs from Space Buddies.

Link: Ruffalo as Hulk (L.A. Times)

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