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The Entertation Index: July 29

July 29, 2010

Fire, Arcade — According to Pitchfork, who is rarely wrong about anything, the indie darlings will have their August 5 show at Madison Square Garden webcast live and directed by acclaimed and eccentric director Terry Gilliam. During the webcast the band, being chased by the Red Knight,will be shown running naked through Central Park before being crushed by an animated foot. The production is expected to go way over budget and be plagued with delays and accidents, no one will claim to understand what the hell just happened and it will be unanimously declared “brilliant.” (courtesy of Jay St. Orts)

Link: Terry Gilliam to Direct Arcade Fire Madison Square Garden Live Webcast (Pitchfork)

Jolie, Angelina — A former flame of the Salt star has reportedly sold eight photographs to the well-respected Star Magazine depicting the actress with a dog leash around her neck, black tape over her nipples and smoking heroin for fourteen hours straight. Or, as Tara Reid calls it, “Lunch on Tuesday.”

Link: Angelina Jolie in Graphic Photos in Star Magazine (Huffington Post)

Gilliam, Terry See: Fire, Arcade

Perry, Luke Beverly Hills 90210‘s smoldering hunk will reunite with his TV buddy Jason Priestly for the new Hallmark film Goodnight for Justice, a western focused on a circuit judge out to avenge the death of his family at the hands of an outlaw. Hallmark executives are reportedly excited about the film and are hard at work trying to shuffle around the network’s twenty-two hours of Golden Girls reruns to find it a prime spot on the schedule.

Link: Beverly Hills 90210 Alumni Luke Perry and Jason Priestly Reunite for TV Western (Deadline)

Priestly, Jason See: Perry, Luke

Robbins, Tony — Infomercial king and motivational speaker Tony Robbins’ new program Breakthrough with Tony Robbins premiered last night on NBC in a production which many are criticizing as sharing many of the same traits Robbins’ infomercials already exhibit. If the show is a success, we can look forward to primetime offerings like Law & Order: Shamwow Unit, America’s Got a Great Closet Organizer! and Losing It with Jillian Michaels and the Frank Sepe Fitness Disk.

Link: Tony Robbins’ New NBC Show a Glorified Infomercial (Yahoo!)

Terminator 5 — After the massive success of Terminator: Salvation in overseas markets, wham-bang director (and accused killer of the franchise) McG has confirmed to IGN that not only have two more films in the series been ordered, but that he’s already at work on Terminator 5. According to McG (do I have to continue to call him this, seriously?), the fifth installment will be “more of a chase movie where the terminator is on your ass.” An interesting direction for the saga, to be sure: in the future, terminators will be part of our asses!

Link: Confirmed: Terminator 5 in Development (Sci-Fi Scoop)

Uh. Uh. Yeah. Joel Sandleman sent you a friend request yo. Maf'ia Wars y'all.

West, Kanye — The eccentric rapper surprised workers at Facebook’s main offices in Palo Alto yesterday, where he stood atop a cafeteria table and performed, without accompaniment, four songs from his upcoming CD. The impromptu concert, attended by hundreds of Facebook employees, is said to be responsible for yesterday’s major crash in internet farming returns and allowed the escape of countless fake animals from fake zoos.

Link: Kanye West Visits His Facebook Friends, Performs New Material (Rap-Up)

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