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The Entertation Index: August 3

August 3, 2010

Bieber, Justin — MTV’s raunchy teen sitcom The Hard Times of RJ Berger has been picked up for a second season, reportedly due to a massive influx in viewers which came after tween heartthrob Justin Bieber tweeted that he liked the show. This isn’t the first time Bieber has been labeled responsible for saving a trend; it should be noted the singer’s tweets are also credited for the continued successes of Fruit Roll-Ups (“These fruit roll-ups are the bomb”), Slip n’ Slides (“Slip n’ Slides R strait up CRAZY”) and Flowbee™ brand home haircut solutions (“Jus got my hair cut yo”).

Link: MTV Renews “The Life and Times of RJ Berger” for Second Season, Is Justin Bieber Responsible? (EW)

Couric, Katie — With Larry King’s recent departure from CNN and attempts to woo CBS anchor Katie Couric into that slot unsuccessful, the L.A. Times reports that even though Couric missed the boat on King’s position, there may be plenty of room for her at the reportedly-faltering cable news network. This is bad news for CBS, but great news for Lou Dobbs’ recently out-of-work leg waxer.

Link: Lots of Options for Katie Couric at CNN if That’s What She Wants (LA Times)

Ray, Rachael — Colorado artist Jason Baalman appeared on The Rachael Ray Show to present Ray with a giant portrait of the cooking star made entirely of Cheetos. Oh, sure, this guy does this and he’s a huge star on The Rachael Ray Show; I send a portrait made of my own hair to Tony-winning actress Patti LuPone and suddenly I’m a “person of interest,” whatever that means.

Link: Artist Makes Portrait of Rachel Ray by Using Cheetos (PopEater)

Rice, Anne — After wrapping up the highly lucrative book series The Vampire Chronicles in 2002, where she claimed to be finished with her famed vampire Lestat, the author is allegedly in negotiations to bring the character back to the big screen again. Or, as Rice may have put it, “I will not sit back and let Stephenie Meyer and Twilight rake in billions of dollars from my years of hard work establishing prissy vampires. Get me Universal on the phone, dammit.”

Link: Author Rice Looking to Bring Vampire Lestat Back to Life (Contactmusic)

Shakespeare, William — A British antiques dealer has been sentenced to prison after attempting to smuggle a rare first folio of William Shakespeare’s work into the United States for sale to Washington’s Folger Shakespeare Library. The literature smuggler is expected to serve eight years in an English prison, where Two Gentlemen of Verona are undoubtedly waiting to cause a Tempest in his Coriolanus.

Link: Smuggler of Rare Shakespeare Folio is Sentenced to Prison (NY Times)

Snooki — More Jersey Shore regrettably means, friends, more appearances of the New Jersey hot messes here in the Index. Case in point: paparazzi following Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi caught a harrowing glimpse of the reality star’s posterior hanging out from beneath and behind her shortened sundress yesterday. Although to be fair, the snafu wasn’t totally recognized by bystanders who politely kept pointing out to Polizzi that she seemed to have dropped her leather bowling ball cases behind her.

Link: Snooki Had a Wardrobe Malfunction (Celebslam)

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