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The Entertation Index: August 5

August 5, 2010

Crowes, Black — While the venerable roots band is celebrating their twenty-year anniversary by releasing an album yesterday of acoustic numbers and b-sides, they’re also taking to the web in a series of webisodes entitled 20 Years of Tall Tales, which daily chronicles stories from the band’s long career. Though I must admit that some days the clips seem thinner than others, such as Monday’s “Things Chris Robinson found inside his beard” episode.

Link: The Black Crowes (Official Site)

Inception — In the midst of uncanny reviews for Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed summer blockbuster/masterpiece, eclectic website BoingBoing has uncovered the brutal truth — the plot of Inception was ganked from an old Scrooge McDuck comic book. This nefarious plagiarism should not go unchecked — have we learned nothing from the There Will Be Blood/Little Lulu debacle of 2007?

Link: Inception Ripped Off a Scrooge McDuck Comic (BoingBoing)

Schneider, Fred — God Bless the B-52’s. Has there ever been a band which so categorically defied outdatedness? Kate Pierson is a buddy of Iggy Pop and REM, and now Fred Schneider is ready to unleash a holiday album this fall called Destination…Christmas! with his side band the Superions. We here at TBTS haven’t heard the album yet (hint hint, publicists) but can only hope the collection’s lyrics include a wealth of Schneider’s patented, sassily declarative statements. Everybody’s hanging the ornaments! Everybody’s waiting on Santa! Everybody’s drinking some Egg-nog!

Link: B-52’s Fred Schneider Releasing “Destination…Christmas!” (Slicing Up Eyeballs)

Stars, Action Movie — LIFE Magazine (wow, that’s still around?) has apparently spending their time not being that much of a famous magazine anymore by sitting around and discussing who Hollywood’s greatest action heros are. And apparently it was a list put together by no one who saw Brendan Fraser in a little movie I like to call The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Good luck getting people to take your cute little list seriously, LIFE Magazine!

Link: Top 30 Action-Adventure Stars (LIFE)

West, Kanye — Some things are just so beautiful they make one all giggly; such is the case for the latest Twitter hashtag trend #KanyeNewYorkerTweets, which pair actual, self-aggrandizing Kanye West tweets with notoriously droll and eclectic New Yorker cartoons. Make this your go-to fun for the morning; it’s worth it. (Link goes to some samples)

Link: KanyeNewYorkerTweets (Twitter/Twitpic)

Williamson, Kieron — You have to love the art industry. They sure do get excited easily. Case in point: Kieron Williamson, a seven year old British child whose artwork has netted up to a whopping £150,000 from eager art lovers claiming Williamson “has grasped aspects of perspective which many young adult artists still cannot understand.” That’s right; don’t give me any of that amateur young adult artist crap. Williamson’s most popular pieces allegedly include “Geese in the Dusk at Curfew,” “Snuffleupagus in Repose” and the much sought-after “Fish Stick Day.”

Link: Pint-Sized “Mini Monet” Cashes in at New Exhibition (TIME)

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