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The Entertation Index: August 12

August 12, 2010

Canalis, Elisabetta – The Italian beauty credits her happy relationship with George Clooney for, as People magazine puts it, “helping her to feel like she’s 18 all over again.”  Clooney, for his part, supposedly credits Canalis for him “not feeling all over 18-year-olds again.”

Link: Canalis Credits Clooney (People)

Grammer, Kelsey – Fresh off his divorce filing, the Frasier star has been seen in the company of a young blonde, reportedly a Brit named Kate who might be pregnant.  Kelsey, if you need to work through some issues, I’m listening.

Link: Grammer Dating (NY Post)

Pee-wee at bike rally

Herman, Pee-wee – Actor Paul Reubens is taking Pee-wee to South Dakota’s Sturgis Bike Rally this week.  This reintroduction of his popular sort-of kids’ show character precedes a 48-performance Broadway run of “The Pee-wee Herman Show” starting this October.  Most of us TBTSers love Reubens, so let’s hope this theater project turns out better than his last one.

Link: Pee-wee Lives! (Huffington Post)

Johnston, Levi – The soon-to-be reality TV star will compete for mayor next year as part of his show Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office.  Having posed for Playgirl already, Johnston should sate the voters’ desire for transparency.

Link: Johnston Running For Office? (EW)

Kardashian, Kim – Justin Bieber fans may be getting jealous after seeing his Elle photo shoot on a beach with Kim Kardashian.  Some commenters have called Bieber “jailbait” for “cougar” Kim, but she may have found her perfect match: the only person on the planet who uses Twitter as much as she does.

Link: Kardashian + Bieber (People)

Weezer – The alt-ish rock band is naming its next album Hurley, after Jorge Garcia’s character on Lost.  Lead singer Rivers Cuomo explains that the album’s cover will be a picture of the actor’s face because “This photo of Jorge Garcia… just had this amazing vibe.”  The next album might be called Hang In There Baby with a picture of a kitten hanging onto a branch because Cuomo saw it on a poster at a flea market and “it was just the super-cutest thing I’d ever seen.”

Link: Weezer’s Lost Album (Gawker)

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