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The Entertation Index: August 16

August 16, 2010

Adulterer's Apprentice?

Barrino, Fantasia – The winner of American Idol’s third season has been linked to a married man named Antwaun Cook, upsetting his wife Paula.  Mrs. Cook’s attorney said, “She is saddened and disheartened by the end of her marriage.  She’s embarrassed, and humiliated and distressed by the lack of respect that was shown for her marriage by Ms. Barrino.”  She may also have added, “what are the chances that her husband would be fooling around with a woman named Fantasia who is not a stripper?”

Link: Barrino Accused (People)

Bieber, Justin – Some kid supposedly hacked the Twitter account of some friend of Justin Bieber’s to get JB’s phone number, so Bieber, with all the fires of hell at his command, supposedly tweeted the kid’s number, and within minutes the kid gets like 10,000 calls and text messages and stuff.  Damn, son, you crazy?  Y’all need to learn that when you fuck with The Bieb, people get hurt.

Link: Bieber’s Revenge (Gawker)

Cameron, James – The Avatar director has indicated that he may set parts of a sequel to his record-setting film underwater.  This sounds familiar: creator of super-successful sci-fi film decides to focus more on visual effects than story and follow up with watery sequel.  No word on whether Jar-Jar Binks will make an appearance.

Link: Sequel to Avatar? (MTV)

Kardashian, Kourtney – Kardashian published self-photos run through the Fat Booth app, which shows what people would look like if they ate at the Golden Corral buffet three times a day.  After using this app and seeing what the future might hold, sister Khloe cut back to munching on only one toddler per day.

Link: Kardashian Photos (Celebuzz)

Lohan, Dina – In an interview with Today co-host Matt Lauer, Mama Lohan defends her parenting of Lindsay: “As a parent, you have to let her go a little bit.  When she went out to Los Angeles when she was 19, I had to let her go and let her live and fall and fail and survive.”  She then may have added, “In fact, I had to let her fall a lot, especially when she was blind-drunk coming out of clubs at 3am.”

Link: Dina Lohan Defends Self, Lindsay (Huffington Post)

Rihanna – Gossip sites are pointing out that the “Disturbia” singer’s neck tattoo “rebelle fleur” (rebel flower) should read “fleur rebelle” because in French, the adjective typically follows the noun.  They failed to consider that perhaps delicate flower Rihanna got the tattoo this way on purpose, to rebel against the suffocating rigidity of French grammar rules.  Okay, probably not.

Link: Rihanna’s Tattoo (PopEater)

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