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The Entertation Index: August 17

August 17, 2010

ABC — The network announced on Monday that it has made a deal with showrunner Gavin Polone, the producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Gilmore Girls, for an upcoming new drama based on “mistaken identity.” ABC is hoping the mistaken identity is that people will tune in thinking Lost is still on.

Link: ABC Family Developing Mistake-Identity Drama

David, Michaelangelo’s — A custody battle is waging right now between the Italian city of Florence and the Italian State over which is the rightful owner of Michaelangelo’s classic Statue of David. The Italian government is claiming the famous sculpture is property of the country after the unification of Italy and the Florentine Republic in the nineteenth century, while representatives of Florence are calling Italy’s infringement one of the greatest incidents of cockblocking in history.

Link: Old Battle Rejoined Over Michaelangelo’s “David” (NY Times)

Gibson, Mel — The California Highway Patrol has confirmed that the Lethal Weapon star was involved in an auto accident on Malibu Canyon Road, where it’s reported that he crashed his 2008 Maserati into a hillside. The frantic 911 call from onlookers arriving at the scene proved at first to be rather confusing, with the caller excitedly explaining “Oh my God! Come quick! It’s a car wreck! With a train wreck inside!”

Link: Gibson in Car Crash (Access Hollywood)

Long, Justin — The romantic comedy star and on/off Drew Barrymore flame told reporters that while filming a scene with actress Christina Applegate for the upcoming Going the Distance, he dropped his towel in front of her, revealing his nude genitals and cracking up the crew. So hey, creepy old corporate CEOs,  here’s your loophole for sexual harassment. Exposing your junk to female co-workers is fine — as long as you make sure it’s hilarious!

Link: Long’s Shame Over Full-Frontal Scene with Applegate (Contactmusic)

Movies, At the — As the long-running (35 years in some form or another) go-to program for movie reviews prepares to hang it up, IFC has put together a fantastic list of the top ten greatest review debates the show has ever featured. Included here are clips from heated discussions on David Cronenberg’s Crash, Kingpin and — no lie — Burt Reynold’s kiddie movie Cop and a Half. A great way to kill a little time today.

Link: Our Ten Favorite Reviews from Siskel, Ebert, Roeper and “At the Movies” (IFC)

Slater, Steven — Well, it was only a matter of time before that crazy JetBlue stewardess-man made it far enough into the pop culture world to show up here. TMZ reports that Steven Slater has a “reality show offer” on the table which helps people quit their jobs in extravagant ways. So tune in to the first episode of Quitting Your Job With Major Safety Violations!, which will feature a disgruntled schoolteacher activating the computer lab’s sprinkler system and an accountant whose plan includes taking the protective guards off all the office’s paper shredders.

Link: Steven Slater Gets Reality TV Show Offer (TMZ)

Polizzi, Nicole “Snooki”The Smoking Gun reports that the U.S. Patent Office has denied the Jersey Shore cast member a trademark of her nickname “Snooki” due to a 2004 children’s book entitled The Adventures of Snooky, about a cat who falls overboard on a family boating vacation. Polizzi is not the first personality to be defeated by an animated feline, as you likely remember that Jewell lost her trademark to Hannah-Barbera’s Snagglepuss and are suddenly realizing that you haven’t actually seen President James A. Garfield’s name on anything in at least thirty years.

Link: Snooki Gets Defeated by Snooky the Underwater Cat in Trademark Bid (The Smoking Gun)

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