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The Entertation Index: August 24

August 24, 2010

Dictionary, New Oxford American – Two-thousand new words and phrases appear in the latest edition of the NOAD, including “staycation” and “turducken.”  Given some of the new entries, we’re a little disappointed that neither “redonkulous” nor “stankyleg” have made the cut.

Link: New Additions to Lexicon (NPR)

Lost – The now-completed show had some of its props and memorabilia auctioned off, a real treat for zealous fans.  However, even after buyers got the items, they looked at them for weeks and still couldn’t figure out what the hell they were or what was going on.

Link: EW Memorabilia Auctioned (EW)

Montag, Heidi – Wow, news develops fast.  TBTS told you yesterday about the supposed Speidi sex tape.  Now it appears that Spencer may have a sex tape with Heidi and ex-Playmate Karissa Shannon.  This, along with other such tapes, brings up an extremely important question: why can’t we get a sex tape featuring someone we wouldn’t mind watching?

Link: Heidi Sex Tape 2 (TMZ)

The best possible cause for a traffic jam.

Shakira – The Colombian pop princess may face fines for alleged infractions committed while filming a video in Barcelona, Spain.  The authorities didn’t catch her in the act, though.  They saw clips on YouTube and are examining it for further evidence of Shakira’s potential legal violations.  If this does happen, look for police to be scouring YouTube for “proof” of “crimes” in about a billion videos of drunken parties, public nudity involving fireworks, and joints left on tables in the background.

Link: Shakira To Be Fined? (PopEater)

Timberlake, Justin – The ex-*NSYNC member has been chosen as the poster-boy for Givenchy’s new women’s fragrance Play for Her.  He, too, thought it was an odd choice, but the noir feel of the ads sold him.  The fragrance is expected to be completely laughable and frivolous when first applied, but then will settle in and become unexpectedly enjoyable and even funny later on.

Link: JT for Givenchy (People)

White, Betty – The legend of Betty grows larger.  For her guest hosting gig on SNL, White won her fifth prime-time Emmy at an early ceremony that precedes the big show.  With this, Betty White is achieving Taylor Swift levels of having awards thrown at her for doing anything at all.

Link: White Wins Emmy (Huffington Post)

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