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The Entertation Index: August 25

August 25, 2010

Cyrus, Miley – TBTS informed you of Cyrus’ appearance in the upcoming film LOL, but we didn’t know at the time that she’d be playing a pot-smoking, sex-having, girl-kissing, booze-swilling train wreck.  It makes sense now, because LOL obviously stands for Lindsay “OMFG” Lohan.

Link: Miley’s New Role (Hollywood Life)

Would you follow this person?

Gaga, Lady – The out-there fashionista and singer recently surpassed Britney Spears for the Twitter-follower crown.  Gaga reached 5,726,168 followers, just over Spears’ 5,696,275 in the last two days.  To put that in perspective, probably more people follow Lady Gaga on Twitter than floss.

Link: Gaga Passes Britney on Twitter (MTV)

London, Jeremy – The Mallrats actor who claims he was kidnapped and forced to “smoke drugs” has been accused by his wife of having an affair with Rachel Uchitel, who rocketed to fame as Mistress Zero of Tiger Woods, who just finalized his divorce from Elin Nordegren, who supposedly took 27 swings at Tiger with a golf club…(*pant*gasp*).  For real, it would probably be harder to make this stuff up.

Link: London + Uchitel (Daily Mail)

Patridge, AudrinaThe Hills actress says that she and her costars were not to re-wear any items of clothing: “We were only allowed to wear things once for continuity.  They’d take a picture and then I’d never be able to wear that outfit again.”  Some celebrities like Britney Spears have taken that philosophy to heart, and applied it to underwear.

Link: Patridge’s Wardrobe Rules (People)

Situation, The – With his per-episode and appearance fees, endorsements, fitness video, and other revenue streams, Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino may top $5 million in earnings this year.  Please consider that while you sit around not being loud and obnoxious, working a job you thought might be cool right out of school but got stuck in because you bought into the system and have responsibilities and bills to pay.  Happy Wednesday!

Link: Close to the 6 Million Dollar Man (Baltimore Sun)

Universe, Miss – Gawker watched the Miss Universe contest so you didn’t have to.  It was odd at first to see a slightly embarrassing and awkward Bret Michaels co-host, and to see like two dozen different “events” involving contestants bouncing around on stage.  But when you find out that Donald Trump owns the pageant, you realize it could have been a lot tackier.

Link: Miss Universe Contest (Gawker)

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