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The Entertation Index: August 31

August 31, 2010

Bieber, Justin – Have you ever heard a Justin Bieber song that actually sounded good?  (Hint: no.)  Well, slow it down 800% and you get an ethereal, almost haunting piece of really interesting ambient electronica.  Check out the link.

Link: Bieber Actually Sounds Good (Gawker)

Libertines, The – The Brit rock foursome are back onstage after a six-year split.  With Amy Winehouse ex and noted hard-partier Doherty co-helming, it won’t be long before some of The Libertines fall back off the stage.

Link: Libertines Reunite (Sky)

Heidi Montag shows her affinity for surrealist Russian literature in remaking her nose.

Montag, Heidi –Half of Speidi explains that her nose bandage does not indicate more surgery; it is just a precaution to make sure the organ heals correctly.  “I don’t want my face to fall off like Michael Jackson’s,” Heidi said.  Montag’s nose, however, stated that it no longer wanted to be associated with the project but was bound to it.

Link: Heidi’s Nose (Huffington Post)

New York City, Real Housewives Of – The cast of the Bravo reality show “are upset because they are making a lot less than Snooki [who earns $30,000 per episode on MTV],” says a source quoted by The New York Post.  The source may have continued, “Why shouldn’t they be paid as much?  I mean, they do nothing just as well as those kids on Jersey Shore.”

Link: Real Housewives of New York City Want Raise (NY Post)

Newton, Wayne – Mr. Las Vegas finally shipped his private jet from Detroit, where it had idled for years due to expensive repairs, to Nevada, where it now rests in his back yard.  Perhaps the rich aren’t that different from you and me: Wayne Newton has a non-working $2 million plane in his yard, and you have a 1972 Chevy Nova on your lawn that you were totally going to rebuild this summer but just didn’t have time.

Link: Newtonian Plane (TMZ)

Seacrest, RyanAmerican Idol’s host appears in this clip for 90210 as a…game show host.  With the frosted tips and the suit, though, it looks more like Seacrest is channeling Corey Haim, and succeeds.

Link: Seacrest on 90210 (Gawker)

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  1. T. Stump permalink
    September 2, 2010 1:11 am

    Libertines return! This is awesome.

    the only downside – I loved getting two records (Babyshambles/Doherty and Dirty Pretty Things/Barat) instead of one.

    What became of the likely lads?

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