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The Entertation Index: September 1

September 1, 2010

"Who, me?"

Bedbugs – The Toronto Independent Film Festival is dealing with a rumored outbreak of bedbugs at the Scotiabank Theatre, the central screening place for the gathering.  However, viewers may have been saying about the films, rather than the bugs, “there were hundreds of them, and they bit ass.”

Link: Bedbugs Bite at TIFF (Hollywood Reporter)

Hilton, Paris – Arrested recently for suspicion of cocaine possession, Hilton now says that the purse containing the drug was not hers—it was borrowed—and she thought the cocaine was gum.  Police almost believed it until they looked at past incident reports, where Hilton is rumored to have claimed a bong was “a horse respirator,” and the pound of sweet green in her trunk was “magical free-range oregano that makes stuff funny.”

Link: Hilton’s Excuse (People)

Jovi, Jon Bon – A mom really wants her three sons to meet Bon Jovi because they’re super-huge fans, so she asked Gawker to help when all other avenues failed.  She has yet to tell the boys that “You Give Love A Bad Name” Bon Jovi or “Blaze of Glory” Bon Jovi would have been cool to meet, but not “We Weren’t Born To Follow” Bon Jovi.  Please, Mom, let him stay a hero in their eyes.

Link: Boys Want to Meet Bon Jovi (Gawker)

Ono, Yoko – The “artist” performs “Voice Piece for Soprano & Wish Tree” at the Museum of Modern Art, Summer 2010.  Possibly subtitled, “100 Million Beatles Fans Screaming.”

Link: Yoko Ono “Sings” (YouTube)

Slash – The ex-GN’R guitarist has filed for divorce from his wife of nine years, Perla, citing irreconcilable differences.  Unfortunately, Slash’s marriage ended up like his guitar solos: totally shredded.

Link: Slash to Divorce (Huffington Post)

Sorrentino, Mike “The Situation” – The new cast for the next Dancing with the Stars has been announced, and includes Jersey Shore member The Situation.  This will be a bit different from MTV’s reality show, though, in that in order to score points, he’ll have to show his mad Paso Doble skills and not just his abs.

Link: New Cast for DWTS (EW)

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