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The Entertation Index: September 3

September 3, 2010

Adams, Ansel — California State University canceled the showing of a documentary about photographer Ansel Adams’ “lost negatives” due to a legal dispute over whether to sell prints of the negatives as Adams’ work. This came as disheartening news to early twentysomethings and intellectual college students trying to make their apartments and dorm rooms look hip and classy in the late 1990’s.

Link: Documentary on Purported Adams’ Negatives Canceled (NPR)

Grade, Chaim — The Institute for Jewish Research is currently descending upon the vacated apartment of revered Yiddish writer Chaim Grade, after his widow’s death in May finally allowed sholars to comb his apartment for unpublished manuscripts and literature. The organization has vowed to work tirelessly until Grade’s writings are brought to light, only stopping from time to time for a schvitz.

Link: Researchers Start Job of Sorting Out Yiddish Writer’s Papers (NY Times)

Finally, your loved ones can smell like this.

Pistols, Sex — A French perfume company has licensed the name of the envelope-pushing punk group and will begin marketing a Sex Pistols-inspired perfume in France on September 10 of this year. This holiday season, the scent should make the perfect Christmas gift for that special person in your life who wishes to smell like stale beer, urine and vomit.

Link: The Sex Pistols Launch Their Own Perfume (NME)

Pogues, The — In sad, sad news, Shane MacGowan, Spider Stacy and the boys have decided to hang it up after their last batch of concerts ending this December. Raise a pint to them, everyone. Now raise another. Now another. And another. And don’t stop until you’ve properly toasted the band (which, if done properly, should end with you peeling your face off a barroom floor beneath a stool with a black eye). A great band.

Link:  The Pogues Call It Quits — Five Videos to Remember Them By (Prefix)

Union, Oxford — To the surprise of many, UFC head Dana White has been invited to speak at the elite Oxford Union Society, which has hosted Malcolm X, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Winston Churchill. The students are expected to listen quietly and intently to the Ultimate Fighting entrepreneur before retiring to their dormitories, where they will be inspired to attempt the most genteel, polite arm triangle chokes ever. The event will precede a UFC pay-per-view event in the United Kingdom, where the sport has been slow to catch on because many are discouraged by the fact that umbrellas are considered “foreign objects.”

Link: UFC President Dana White Invited to Address Oxford Union (Telegraph)

We’ll Die, Don’t Stop Or — To kick your Labor Day weekend off right, please enjoy the following power-pop ballad by Hollywood-based trio Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die. You might just gain a few ideas from it. And have a great holiday, everyone.

Link: I Got a Perm for Our Camping Trip (FunnyorDie)

  1. September 3, 2010 10:15 am

    I am so sad over the Pogues.

  2. Mark M permalink
    September 3, 2010 11:15 am

    I’m amazed that Shane MacGowan survived long enough to actually retire.

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