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The Entertation Index: September 8

September 8, 2010

Justin shows you how old he was when "Tha Doggfather" came out.

Bieber, Justin – The pop star has sold out Madison Square Garden, moved 4 million albums worldwide in less than a year, and stolen the hearts of a zillion tweens.  What’s next, then?  A movie about his life story, of course.  Next February, a still-16-year-old Bieber will premiere a film about his trials and tribulations, most of which involve having boo-boos kissed, pooping in diapers, and eating paste.

Link: Bieber’s Movie (NY Post)

Craigslist – Responding to pressure from several state Attorneys general, the online swap meet has shut down its Adult Services section.  This means that now the only things you can actually find on Craigslist will be old bicycles and used couches.

Link: Craigslist Out of the Adult Services “Business” (Gawker)

Dead, The Evil – The film that introduced most horror buffs to actor Bruce Campbell and director Sam Raimi turns almost-30 this year.  As a birthday gift, it has been transferred to Blu-ray, supervised personally by Raimi.  For all fans of The Evil Dead 1 & 2 and Army of Darkness, this should be worth checking out.

Link: Evil Dead on Blu-ray (EW)

Diddy – Ex-employee Francesca Spero is suing Sean “Diddy” Combs for $12 million, claiming age discrimination when he replaced her with a much younger woman after Spero’s 2008 hip surgery.  Combs denies the charge, pointing out that he’s had problems with hip most of his career.

Link: Diddy Sued (Miami Herald)

Shannon, Karissa –Playmate Karissa Shannon has threatened to sue Spencer Pratt if he does not return a tape that contains private, prurient footage that she says he stole from her.  As you may recall from recent history (Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Karissa Shannon et al), Playboy is fast becoming a whistlestop on the road to a lucrative career in sex-tape release.

Link: Playmate Wants Sex Tape Back (TMZ)

T.I. – Arrested on drug charges last week in Los Angeles, the rapper will appear in Atlanta to determine if he violated terms of his 2007 probation.  He insists though, that any return to prison will just be to pick up a pair of sunglasses he left on the windowsill last time he was there.

Link: T.I. Arrested (Rolling Stone)

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