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The Entertation Index: September 15

September 15, 2010

Cent, 50 — The rapper-slash-vitamin-water-magnate, apparently a big fan of the British serial drama EastEnders, has allegedly landed a cameo in the popular program. Cent’s appearance is only the latest in a long line of urban artists popping up on British television, which includes — in the past — Bone Thugs N’ Harmony as an unruly book club on Absolutely Fabulous, Kurtis Blow as a flustered constable on Are You Being Served? and Ja Rule as “Mrs. Higgley” in The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Link: 50 Cent “EastEnders” Guest appearance (PopCrunch)

Tweet Anything.Cusack, John — Our favorite hero from the eighties seems to really be enjoying Twitter these days, from calling for politicos’ heads to snarkily digging on those who criticize his spelling. But one other thing Cusack enjoys doing is linking to videos of rare musical performances by musicians like ELO, Joe Strummer, Johnny Cash and more. Great stuff, even if it is a little bulky to hold your entire desktop PC unit, mouse and printer over your head when trying to woo a lady outside her bedroom window in the rain. 

Link: John Cusack, Twitter VJ? (Paste)

Facebook — A 17 year-old student in the United Kingdom has turned heads by making it to the final four in BBC 4 Radio’s annual So You Want to be a Scientist contest with an entry on the psychology of Facebook profile pictures and what they say about their owners. The conclusion? That whole “put up a profile pic of someone you look like” deal is hogwash. You don’t look like Sarah Michelle Geller or Channing Tatum, no matter what “people are always telling you.”

Link: What Your Social Network Profile Picture Really Says (BBC)

Leon, Kings of — British celeb site Holy Moly recounts a supposedly true tale of goings-on behind the scenes of the recent V Festival, where chart-toppers Kings of Leon reportedly blocked off a large section of toilets and showers solely for their own personal use, denying artists like Florence and the Machine, Paul Weller and Groove Armada, among others. When you think about it, though, it does make sense that Kings of Leon should have their own section of bathrooms, given the massive amount of crap they produce.

Link: Amazing Story on the Kings of Leon Being Complete and Utter Arseholes (HolyMoly

Lively, Blake — During an interview concerning her current role in Ben Affleck’s The Town, Lively emphatically stressed to her interviewer that “I want babies — lots of babies.” It would seem Lively is off to a good start, considering she already has a fairly impressive set of twins. Hey-oooooo!

Link: Blake Lively in Allure – I Want Lots of Babies! (HuffPo)

Polizzi, Nicole “Snooki” — The Jersey Shore celebrity went on the Ellen Degeneres Show this week to address the scrutiny under which the entire cast lives these days, explaining that sometimes “I’ll go to frickin’ Barnes & Nobles, get a coffee and just sit down and read. No one would ever think that.” In light of this publicity, Barnes & Noble has changed its advertising slogan to “Frickin’ Barnes & Noble. Because sometimes you just want to get a coffee and read one of the Goosebumps books.”

Link: Snooki Done With Juiceheads, Ready for Usher (Hollyscoop)

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