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The Entertation Index: September 16

September 16, 2010

Elliott, Joe – The lead singer for Def Leppard launched his own beer yesterday, made by The Porterhouse and served at bars in Dublin.  Elliott describes the brew as “a pilsner style” with “a deep, rich malt character, with generous hop bitterness.”  Early reports indicate that heavy drinking of the beverage causes pyromania, progressing to hysteria, but finally to euphoria.  (H/t to Paul D.)

Link: Def Leppard Singer to Launch Beer (Classic Rock)

Giudice, Teresa – The Real Housewife of New Jersey gave In Touch some photos of her and husband Joe long before they were famous.  Let’s hope they kept the clothing, because after they appear in court to answer allegations of hiding assets during bankruptcy proceedings, it may be all they have left to wear.

Link: Giudices Before They Were Famous and In Trouble (In Touch)

OMG! Notorious B.A.G. totes crushes on the OG BH 90210!

Green, Brian Austin – The Beverly Hills 90210 actor tells Details that when asked why the original show is better than the current one, he explained, “90210 only worked because of that time period—because the world didn’t have access to a lifestyle like that. The Internet wasn’t what it is now. With TMZ and Paris Hilton wrecking cars and people being chased on freeways, there’s nothing interesting about Beverly Hills.”  If that’s the case, the next batch of inaccessible, ridiculous dramas will star multi-billionaire rich kids sneaking out of space hotels and flying to party asteroids, or living in undersea mansions and wrecking luxury submersibles.  Let’s hurry up and get there so that broadcast TV can be interesting again.

Link: Brian Austin Green Interview (Details)

Gunn, Tim – Fashion guru Gunn criticized dog-ball-burner and Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen as “sad” and “pathetic” after he did a guest appearance on the show recently.  Momsen supposedly replied to Gunn’s critiques by saying, “Who?”

Link: Gunn Blazes at Momsen (E! Online)

Kutcher, Ashton – After being accused by Star of cheating on Demi with a “sexy, young 20-something” the magazine fires away again, saying he also slept with a 21-year-old he met at a bowling alley.  Seeing as the magazine keeps focusing on the age difference between Kutcher and Moore, it seems Star won’t give up until the aggregate age of Kutcher’s alleged lovers equals his wife’s.

Link: Kutcher Accused Again (Star)

Michael, George – The “Faith” singer recently took to the roads after smoking marijuana, then wham! drove his Range Rover into a Snappy Snaps store.  Shutterbug Michael was sentenced Tuesday to eight weeks in jail and five years without a license due to this and previous intoxicated driving incidents.  Even stranger than his unintentional meeting with the photo shop is that a business named Snappy Snaps exists, and that it can still make money from printing pictures.

Link: Michael Sentenced (Huffington Post)

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