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The Entertation Index: September 20

September 20, 2010

Affleck, Casey – The director of the Joaquin Phoenix “documentary” I’m Still Here claims that the whole thing, including Phoenix’s surreal 2009 appearance on Letterman, was a performance.  Given some of the movie’s scathing reviews, this sounds a lot like someone who trips on the sidewalk and tries to convince passers-by that he “totally meant to do that.”

Link: Affleck’s Movie (NY Times)

Well, now I understand.

Bolton, Michael – Actress Lisa Rinna thanks crooner Michael Bolton for somehow luring away Desperate Housewives actress Nicolette Sheridan from then-husband Harry Hamlin.  Hamlin subsequently met and married Rinna, and their relationship has lasted 18 years.  So it seems that even in romance, Bolton takes other people’s stuff and tries to make it his.

Link: When Harry Met Lisa (Celebuzz)

Lambert, Adam – A Miami paparazzo has filed a battery claim against the American Idol phenom over a scuffle involving a camera.  Reports indicate that Lambert may have been angered that the photographer was not using the camera to take pictures of him.

Link: Lambert Denies Battery (Huffington Post)

Lohan, Lindsay – The struggling starlet, who recently had a jail sentence and rehab stint shortened, has admitted that she failed her most recent drug test, which is a violation of her probation.  When asked by the judge what test she could pass, Lohan replied that she could promise not to appear in court in a dress made of cocaine.

Link: Lohan Fails Drug Test (Us Magazine)

Octomom – Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, is facing foreclosure and welfare because her expenses for 14 kids are outstripping her income.  Porn purveyor Vivid Entertainment, though, has given her an option, offering $500,000 if she shoots “one scene for one hour.”  Seeing how Suleman had octuplets, she’ll probably be shooting scenes for the porn version of The Abyss.

Link: Suleman Offered Role (TMZ)

Reynolds, Ryan – The newest Green Lantern ended a 17-day shoot for his movie Burial, in which he plays an American in Iraq who wakes up inside a coffin six feet underground.  While he spent most of that time in a container the size of his body, a guy married to Scarlett Johansson probably doesn’t mind spending days buried in a box.

Link: Ryan Reynolds’ New Movie (People)

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