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The Entertation Index: September 22

September 22, 2010

$#*! My Dad Says — The new William Shatner-helmed CBS sitcom (which, I kid you not, is supposed to be pronounced “Bleep My Dad Says”) is meeting with problems from DVR users who are trying to search for the show on their DVRs. Since most DVR alphabet choices do not include characters such as dollar signs and asterisks, the show can largely only found through nightly schedules. Rest assured, however, that no matter how CBS wants to spell it out, if you’re recording this sitcom, you are most definitely setting your DVR to record shit.

Link: Your DVR Doesn’t Know $#*! (Hollywood Reporter)

Man 2, Iron Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau confesses to the website The Daily Blam that the superhero sequel was a wealth of Marvel Comics-centric “easter eggs” — clues to other things — including references to The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and The Black Panther (whoever that is). Though the Thor thing was pretty obvious, if you didn’t catch any of these other references, consider yourself a relatively normal and well-adjusted person.

Link: Jon Favreau Confirms Black Panther Easter Egg in Iron Man 2, Among Others (The Daily BLAM)

Kemp, Martin — As his pal George Michael dutifully serves an eight-week sentence in a British prison for drug possession, former Spandau Ballet frontman Martin Kemp wished the singer well, telling reporters that Michael is “doing okay. He’s doing as well as you can expect.” Afterward, Kemp asked members of the press if they had any questions about Spandau Ballet, at which point the reporters all pretended that they had phone calls and slowly backed away.

Link: Kemp – “Michael is Doing Okay” (Contactmusic)

Lennon, John — The late former Beatle’s widow Yoko Ono, appearing on the BBC talker The Andrew Marr Show, shocked the world by admitting she felt that, were he alive today, Lennon would approve of the Internet. “I think he would have been very interested in playing [on] the computer because he always jumped on some new media and that is a very interesting new media,” said Ono. And that’s today’s edition of Did You Ask Yoko Ono a Question? No? Well, She’s Going to Tell You Something Anyway, a subsidiary of the popular Ono segment Hey, Don’t Forget I Was Married to John Lennon (Buy My Art).

Link: Ono: “Lennon Would Have Loved Internet” (Digital Spy)

Wondla, The Search For — In a revolutionary new, enhanced, “hybrid” book, readers of the fantasy tale The Search For Wondla employ special symbols periodically which launch “digital maps” on the internet when held up to a computer’s webcam. Or you could just read a regular book for twenty minutes, get bored and stop to play around on the internet, which is how you read books now.

Link: New Books Jump Off the Page With Digital Enhancements (USA Today)

I don't know art, but I know what I like.

YouTube — New York’s Guggenheim Museum, which I can only gather is running out of ideas for art exhibits, recently pored over 23,000 YouTube videos to pare down a group of 125 videos to feature in an upcoming exhibit. Guggenheim spokespeople said the call for videos yielded material from “composers and musicians to tactile and graphic artists.” I haven’t seen the breakdown, but if grape stomping news correspondent, Haitian weatherman and lady “percolating” on a glass table don’t make the cut, this thing has to be rigged.

Link: Guggenheim Museum’s YouTube Play Shortlist Announced (Wall Street Journal)

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