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Ovation URL to “Find Art in Everything.” Will It Find Everything in Art?: The Clyde Fitch Report

September 23, 2010

The Brown Tweed Society is pleased to welcome new contributing partner Leonard Jacobs, Editor of The Clyde Fitch Report, who will routinely weigh in with news from the New York theater scene and ongoing arts issues.

Last night, here in New York, I attended an impressive public panel about the arts and censorship (to be discussed in another post), and one of the many tendrils of the conversation, especially among the younger panelists, related to accessibility. One panelist, obviously feeling expansive, asserted that with social media serving as a rocket booster to the second decade of the information age, everyone now is a participant in culture, at least in some way. It may not necessarily be in a museum- or gallery- and performance-quality way, but, using a cliched example, the proud suburban Dad fooling with his cam and posting YouTube video of his 3-year-old’s fun, innocent living room antics is, the panelist argued, valid and personal artistic expression. On the other side of the debate was a fellow panelist who argued — I’m being reductive — that if everyone is artistic, if everyone is an artist, if everyone is a participant in arts and culture, what is arts and culture? Ah, 2010.

Then there are people who aren’t so much snorkeling through philosophical dialectics about who is an artist and what defines arts and culture and are instead celebrating the access to arts and culture that no one disputes. Enter Ovation TV, which has launched, a site “aimed at bringing art and culture into readers’ everyday lives.”

“CulturePOP is a place where art and mainstream culture intersect,” says Chad Gutstein, executive vice president of Ovation, in the organization’s press release. “Readers can learn more about art and lifestyle trends and how to bring artful things into their own lives. With the launch of this new digital product, Ovation is able to serve the substantial part of our audience that is looking for practical, consumer-based information while staying true to our mission of making art accessible to all.”

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