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The Entertation Index: September 24

September 24, 2010



Peasant Scenes? Don't even step. Motherf**king Bruegel F**king INVENTED Flemish peasant scenes.


Bruegel, Pieter — Spanish art historians claim to have discovered a rare piece from Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel after a private collector brought it to a Madrid museum for restoration. Even more surprising? The painting is reportedly a drawing of Calvin, from Calvin & Hobbes, peeing on a print of Isabelle of Portugal by fellow countryman Joos van Cleve.

Link: Spanish Restorers Find Unknown Bruegel Masterpiece (Reuters)

Cake — Hey, it’s Friday. Why not enjoy a link to the first Cake song released since 2004’s Pressure Chief, released in advance of their upcoming album Showroom of Compassion. You’re welcome, America.

Link: First New Song from Cake in 6 Years! (Spin)

Luhrmann, Baz — The visionary director has announced that his debut film, the cult classic Strictly Ballroom, will be coming to the stage in Australia as an upcoming musical production. Clearly, the obvious choice for a Baz Luhrmann movie to be made into a stage production was his Romeo + Juliet, but sources say the vengeful ghost of William Shakespeare refuses to let Luhrmann near any stage after Luhrmann turned his masterpiece into a music video.

Link: Strictly Ballroom to be a Stage Musical (ABC News)

Madonna — The perennial diva is cited as a strict mother in an upcoming issue of In Touch magazine, with sources saying Mama Madonna is quite strict on her young daughter Lourdes, reportedly nixing any dyeing of hair and dating for the high school freshman. Sources say that the singer doesn’t want her daughter to turn out like she did — a ridiculously powerful, filthy rich celebrity with everything she’s ever wanted in her life.

Link: Madonna’s Rules for Lourdes: Strict on Clothes, Hair Dye, Dating (HuffPo)

McBride, Danny — It’s Friday and although we’ll have  more on this during the upcoming weekend before the premiere of Eastbound & Down’s Season two, go ahead and whet your whistle with this AV Club interview with Kenny Fucking Powers himself, Danny McBride. Go on, kill some Friday time. I won’t tell.

Link: Interview – Danny McBride (AV Club)

Phish — Though they’ve always been known for their New Year’s Eve specials, the storied jam band has announced that they will be playing a special New Year’s Day gig in the one and only Madison Square Garden on January 1. So if you get really smashed and terribly disgusting, sweaty and rank on New Year’s Eve, don’t have anything to do the next day, and don’t feel like showering, congrats! Now you’ve got plans. (Don’t worry, no one will notice).

Link: Phish Unveils New Year’s Week Schedule (SoundSpike)

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