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The Entertation Index: October 1

October 1, 2010

Bolton, Michael – The notorious song-stealer was booted from Dancing with the Stars this week after a send-off by judge Bruno Tonioli so scathing that Bolton demanded an apology and reprimand.  Tonioli agreed to do so only after Bolton apologizes for every single song he’s ever recorded.

Link: Bolton Demands Apology (Digital Spy)

Carey, Mariah – After falling and possibly twisting her ankle at a performance in Singapore, Carey was seen in a wheelchair at LAX.  Please do not fret, since she is covered by a Short-Term Divability policy.

Link: Carey in a Wheelchair (E! Online)


Keerthika, Baby – Have you had your hallucinogens today?  If not, don’t bother.  This is what would happen if you did.  Your Friday dose of TBTS WTF (h/t to Paul D.)

Link: Holy Crap (YouTube)

Moynahan, Bridget – The Sum of All Fears actress has found love after Tom Brady, with director McG.  TBTS wishes the couple luck, and hopes that unlike Terminator Salvation, their relationship doesn’t just get a bunch of hype up front only to suck once they actually get into it.

Link: Moynahan + McG (People)

Shipka, Kiernan – The 10-year-old actress who plays Sally Draper on Mad Men is allowed to view only parts of the series that her mother deems appropriate for her.  After eliminating scenes that show drinking, smoking, sexism, and adultery, Shipka watches the rest, which is mostly at a blank screen.

Link: Mad Men Actress Can’t Really Watch Mad Men (Huffington Post)

Snooki – The Jersey Shore star partied with the Kardshians to celebrate Khloe’s one-year wedding anniversary with NBA star Lamar Odom.  Luckily, the Earth was saved from a tabloid-wet-dream, world-eating Gossip Singularity when Tila Tequila was unable to attend.

Link: Snooki + Kardashians (Hollywood News)

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