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The Entertation Index: October 5

October 5, 2010

Directly observing a phenomenon changes it. Sorry.

Cuoco, KaleyThe Big Bang Theory actress reveals that for two years she and co-star Johnny Galecki dated in complete secrecy, with no one else observing them together.  Well, now we know about it and the relationship is over.  Thanks, Schrödinger.

Link: Cuoco Dated Co-Star (CBS)

Jonas, Joe – After his Twilight actress girlfriend was seen at an erotic boutique in Hollywood, the abstinence-espousing Jonas brother and Ashley Greene have been spotted in public together, ending speculation about their relationship status.  A source tells People that “[Joe] is head over heels for [Ashley],” then continues, “but not in like a super-flexible ‘heels-behind-her-head’ kind of way.”  The source added, “He thinks she is down-to-earth,” and then clarified, “not like ‘down-on-all-fours’ or anything.”  The source then finished with “He hasn’t been this into a girl in a long time,” and then just gave up, flustered, and pointed to Jonas’s purity ring, which he doesn’t wear anymore.

Link: Jonas + Greene (People)

Mars, Bruno – “Just the Way You Are” singer Bruno Mars will appear in court next month on felony cocaine charges stemming from a September arrest in Las Vegas.  His label Elektra Records issued a statement saying, “We congratulate Bruno Mars on his chart-topping success, and provide him with our full love and support.”  Note: in the music industry it is not uncommon for cocaine to be referred to as a “topping.”

Link: Mars To Face Charges (Huffington)

Portman, Natalie – The Black Swan actress and Harvard alum gave screenwriter Aaron Sorkin insight into the school’s secret societies for his Facebook movie The Social Network.  However, Sorkin might have reconsidered had he seen this vintage video of Portman explaining what she actually did at Harvard: video (SFW version).

Link: Portman Helped Sorkin (EW)

Wars, Star – Lucasfilm has announced that the entire Star Wars saga – all six films, in order – would be re-released to theaters in 2012, each re-mastered in groundbreaking 3-D.  So Star Wars fans, get ready to see your favorite films like you’ve never seen them, and….actually, you know what?  At this point, it would probably be easier on both George Lucas and you just to send him a check for $40 every five or six months directly to Lucasfilm at P.O. Box 29901, San Francisco, California, 94129.

Link: “Star Wars” Films Will Be Re-Released in 3-D (NY Times)

Waits, Cy – Paris Hilton’s boyfriend may recently have been cited for hit-and-run after he ran over a paparazzo’s leg with his Bentley, or he may have been subject to a citizen’s arrest that the police were required to sign—the jury’s still out.  Perhaps what really happened is that a camera-wielding sleazoid tried to make a citizen’s arrest, with Waits laughing uproariously at the gesture as he drove over her.

Link: Waits Cited (TMZ)

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