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The Entertation Index: October 6

October 6, 2010

Generation, My – ABC cancelled the where-are-they-now series after only two episodes due to low viewership.  Probably because, due to Facebook updates, My Generation’s target demographic already knows exactly what everyone else from high school is doing right this instant.

Link: My Generation Cancelled (EW)

Hair, Facial – In case you missed it, the European Beard and Moustache Championships were held this past weekend in Leogang, Austria.  You can check out some of the competitors at the site below or if you happen to live near this hair salon in Peachtree city GA, you might get to watch it on the little retro television they have. Oh, and just in case you think crazy facial hair is weird, you probably could have picked up some sweet-ass daguerreotypes.  The championships best beards can be check out on the Beard Czar reviews, in case you missed it all.

Link: Facial Hair Competition (World Beard Championships)

Lavigne, Avril – The pop-punk singer revealed to People that she has a cooking obsession.  For her birthday, Lavigne said she even received “spatulas with skulls on them and some fun stuff for my kitchen.”  However, she seems to have problems coming up with original recipes, and the dishes she does prepare are far blander than you would expect.

Link: Lavigne Cooks (People)

Meals, Happy – To protect the health of his constituents, San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar has proposed legislation that would ban toys from McDonalds’ Happy Meals until the restaurants includes fruit and veggie portions and reduces calories.  Mar is rumored to be targeting fun in general next.

Link: Not-So Happy Meals (Yahoo)

Ronson, Mark – Producer/DJ Mark Ronson tells Britain’s NME radio that, after re-recording The Smiths’ 1987 hit “Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One,” he has received actual death threats from angry fans. Ronson is said not to be too worried about the threats because, as we all know, a typical Morrissey fan is roughly 75% more likely to kill himself than someone else.  (Thanks to C. M.)

Link: Ronson Not Bothered by Death Threats Over Smiths Cover (Contactmusic)

Snooki – The Jersey Shore co-star has made a list of qualities she is seeking in a man, which include being a late-sleeping, tan guido nympho.  When asked if she really wanted a guy who desired sex all the time, she clarified by stating her man should be “a minor nature goddess typically associated with a particular location or landform…a personification of the creative and fostering activities of nature.”

Link: Snooki’s Ideal Man (Huffington Post)

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