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The Entertation Index: October 11

October 11, 2010

Braxton, Toni – The “Un-Break My Heart” singer is trying to get unbroke by declaring bankruptcy.  Her financial difficulties were exacerbated by health issues that kept her from doing a Vegas tour in 2008 and from finishing her stint on Dancing With The Stars.  In other words, the Lord may have been telling her not so subtly to make better employment decisions.

Link: Braxton Broke (Huffington Post)

Handler, Chelsea – The late-night comedienne took to Twitter to quash rumors that she and rapper 50 Cent are dating, after they were seen together recently at a jazz club.  If you’re wondering how 50 Cent is taking it, don’t worry: he’s been shot down before.

Link: Handler’s Hook-Up (MTV)

Kardashians take New York. New Yorkers are tempted to let them have it.

Kardashians, Some – Kim and Kourtney have brought their special brand of nothing to the Big Apple while they film their new reality show Kourtney and Kim Take New York.  Upon hearing that news, the other 18,856,457 New Yorkers demanded to be retroactively cast in Escape From New York.

Link: Kim & Kourtney In NYC (San Francisco Examiner)

Lewis, Juliette – The Natural Born Killers actress was hospitalized briefly last week after her vehicle was hit by another, whose driver sped away.  Lewis, who has appeared recently in The Switch, Catch and Release, and Grilled, may be slightly relieved to be involved in an actual wreck.

Link: Lewis Laid Up (People)

Mejia, Natalie – The Girlicious band member recently pled guilty to cocaine charges stemming from a March traffic stop that turned up 13 bags of the powder in her purse.  Her attorney was surprised that Mejia wasn’t also charged for being part of a group called “Girlicious.”

Link: Mejia In Court (Billboard)

Simpson, Jessica – After a few embarrassing public flatulence incidents, the actress/singer tweeted fart-reducing tips to the world: “This link just made my morning! RT @OMGFacts: The average person farts about 14 TIMES each day! How to fart less? –>”  That looks like a damn spam email.  What’s her next tweet?  “Check out this link!  PJ @OMGasm: The average man lasts just 3 MINUTES each time!  How to go longer? –>!”

Link: Simpson’s Sage Advice (Twitter)

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