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The Entertation Index: October 19

October 19, 2010

Brody, Adrien — The Oscar-Winning star of the Pianist, Predators and King Kong is said to be actively courting Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright to play the title character in Wright’s upcoming Ant-Man film. This has been today’s installment of “more bizarre casting news involving Adrien Brody and movies that seem like terrible fits for Adrien Brody.”

Link: Adrien Brody on Ant-Man Link (Den of Geek)

Flashdance — London’s West End recently saw the opening — and increasingly good reviews — of a brand new musical based on the 1983 dance film Flashdance. Wow. I guess it’s true that it really does take a long time for movies to open over there after opening over here.

Link: Flashdance Has Right Moves as Stage Musical (Reuters)

Hill, Cypress — Tens of thousands of people descended upon San Bernadino, California this past weekend for Cypress Hill’s annual “Smokeout,” which brings together medical marijuana advocates, businesses and consumers. Then, around ten o’clock San Bernadino police say they began making the “usual arrests,” which often included marijuana possession. In other news, the “usual arrests” were made this past weekend at the Portland, Oregon “RobberyFest” and Oklahoma City’s “Aggravated Assault Jamboree.”

Police Make Arests at Cypress Hill Smokeout (San Bernadino County Sun)

Holmes, Sherlock — The perennial PBS dramatic series Mystery! is set to launch a new series of Sherlock Holmes mysteries which will star Brit actor Benedict Cumberbatch and preserve the original storylines but update them to the twenty-first century, with Holmes even texting Dr. Watson (The Office‘s Martin Freeman). PBS says they were both excited to pick up the new series from the United Kingdom and to confirm that “Benedict Cumberbatch” was indeed a real person and not some fanciful British prank.

Link: Benedict Cumberbatch Modernizes “Sherlock Holmes” (USA Today)

Stars, Skating with the — On the heels of the massive success received by Dancing with the Stars, ABC announced last Friday that its next celebrity-slash-obscure-occupation game show will be Skating with the Stars, which will begin on November 22. I know you’re not going to watch this, but I thought it was important that I bring it up here because you are undoubtedly going to be subjected to your mother’s growing glossary of ice skating terms over the upcoming holiday season.

Link: “Skating with the Stars” Hits the Ice on US T.V. (ABC News)

Stoltz, Eric — As our friend Shorr posted here on Friday, the internet is abuzz lately with talk and footage of how Michael J. Fox’s succeeded actor Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly in Back to the Future after director Robert Zemeckis just didn’t think the laughs were there. Over at Moviehole, someone is finally talking to Stoltz about it after we’ve all heard for two weeks about how he wasn’t good enough. Big ups to Stoltz for being a class act about it as well. He may never have found the career acclaim Fox has had, but he’s done quite well for himself, and we’re not going to make fun of that.

Link: Here’s Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly (Moviehole)

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