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The Entertation Index: October 20

October 20, 2010

Bieber, Justin – While playing laser tag, the teen singer was allegedly harassed by a boy who repeatedly shot him and called him “faggot,” saying, “what are you gonna do about it?”  Bieber supposedly de-escalated the situation by just walking away, knowing that he doesn’t have to do anything because when the bully’s contact information gets tweeted, 20 million angry tweens will.

Link: Bieber Walks Away (TMZ)

Cahoon, Katherine Chloe – If you want to know how to meet European men, pick up Vanderbilt grad Katherine Chloe Cahoon’s book The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men.  Or I could save you the trouble of reading it: just go to Europe and be drunk.

Link: How To Meet European Men (Gawker)

In comparison, this is a quiet evening in.

Gibson, Mel – The raving, ranting pariah will reportedly make a cameo as a tattoo artist in The Hangover 2, sequel to the ridiculously successful The Hangover.  This seems appropriate, since the last few months must have felt like the worst hangover Mel’s ever had.

Link: Gibson in Hangover 2? (PopEater)

Obama, Barack – To bolster his reputation as a proponent of science education, President Obama will appear on Dec. 8’s Mythbusters as the team tries to recreate Archimedes’ supposed destruction of the Roman fleet using mirrors and sunlight.  This is cool, but we’re disappointed that they won’t be using explosives or flamethrowers to prove that Obama isn’t a communist-Marxist-socialist-fascist-Nazi Kenyan crypto-Muslim.

Link: Obama on Mythbusters (Huffington Post)

Quaid, Randy – A judge has issued arrest warrants for the National Lampoon’s Vacation actor and his wife, Evi, for failing to appear on charges of squatting in their old house.  In their defense, Quaid said they had to move back into their old home because in their new one, “the shitter’s full.”

Link: Quaids Arrested (PopEater)

Slater, Steven – The JetBlue flight attendant who made headlines by cussing out passengers, grabbing a few beers, and heading down the emergency slide, is now expected to plead guilty to a felony charge then complete a mental-health program to have the charge dropped, all after several passengers have disputed the story at the heart of his fame.  My how things change.  It just goes to show that when you hop on life’s inflatable escape chute, there’s no telling what’s waiting for you at the bottom.

Link: Slater May Plead (People)

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