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The Entertation Index: October 26

October 26, 2010

I'll tell you what: You give me fifteen dollars and I'll tell you if this door slams or not.


Activity 2, Paranormal — The sequel to Paranormal Activity netted $41.5 million in its opening weekend, which makes it a big hit. So you should see it — or, if you want to save some money, you can just sit around and silently stare at things in your own home for minutes on end, waiting for something to move, which is roughly the equivalent of watching a Paranormal Activity movie.

Link: Paranormal Activity 2 Scares the Box Office Silly (MovieMaker)

Austen, Jane — An Oxford University professor, after having pored over over a thousand pages of Jane Austen’s unpublished work, has determined that the author was a terrible grammarian and speller who received a large amount of support from her editor. Unfortunately, however, while this editor was able to correct minor spelling and punctuation errors, he was largely unable to help make any Jane Austen novel the least bit interesting.

Link: Jane Austen Had Helping Hand from Editor (Yahoo)

Blood, True — As HBO’s gothic vampire drama True Blood basks in the recent end of season three and gears up for season four, Entertainment Weekly offers notes on up to five roles which may be casting during the offseason for characters to join the proceedings. Allegedly, the casting call to agents calls for “actors and actresses who are comfortable with on-camera nudity, who can accommodate long night shoots, and who have no idea what a southern accent actually sounds like.”

Link: True Blood Scoop — Major Intel on Season 4 (EW)

Brand, Russell — Excitement erupted at Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding reception in India on Saturday after armed guards stepped in to corral the guests and ward off a man-eating tiger which had somehow scaled the walls of India’s posh Arman-i-Khas resort. This means my plan failed, as I had not counted on armed guards.

Link: Katy Perry has Tiger Trouble at Wedding (Earth News Times)

Gabriel, Peter — According to a recent video update on his website, the Peter Gabriel is planning to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his massive hit album So by re-releasing the album with all sorts of great bells and whistles, including new mixes and album artwork. So great news, Peter Gabriel fans — one of the best albums ever is coming back! And great news, people who don’t know anything about Peter Gabriel — the soundtrack album for all your favorite movie trailers is finally releasing!

Link: Peter Gabriel Reissuing “So” with Bonus Mixes, Demos, New Artwork for 25th Anniversary (Slicing Up Eyeballs)

Leno, Jay — Though you may not even realize The Tonight Show is still on, it is, and Jay Leno is currently suffering lower ratings than ever he or Conan O’Brien received at the late night institution. All this non-watching by the viewing public has prompted a many comedians to thumb their noses back at the silver-haired comic, and The Daily Beast prints the following piece on the current Leno backlash. Just a good read; especially if you’re a Conan fan.

Link: Jay Leno’s Sinking Tonight Show Ratings: Will Conan O’Brien Get the Last Laugh? (The Daily Beast)

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