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The Entertation Index: October 29

October 29, 2010

Ballet, Royal Flanders — The dance troupe director of the Royal Flanders Ballet of Finland has resigned amid plans by government cultural officials to unite the organization under the same management as the Flemish Opera. See? I’ve been saying for years the Belgians would ruin ballet. Now who’s “drunk?”

Link:  Ballet Leader Resigns Over Flemish Government Plan (NY Times)

Charlie Sheen


Bear, Masturbating — In Rolling Stone’s current issue featuring Conan O’Brien and his upcoming talk show at TBS, O’Brien reveals that he plans to find some way to keep his longtime staple character The Masturbating Bear, even if it means meeting with NBC in a courtroom to maintain his property. The character would likely be a first for a station like TBS, as masturbating characters have traditionally been relegated to channels further up the dial, and scrambled.

Link: Conan O’Brien Will Not Be Denied His Masturbating Bear (E! Online)

Cyrus, Billy Ray — Divorce papers were filed in Tennessee earlier this week confirming the plans for the divorce of Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish, calling for “equal distribution of the family estate.” According to lawyers, divvying guardianship of the offspring should be easy for the couple, however, with Billy Ray getting custody of Miley Cyrus and Tish Cyrus getting Hannah Montana.

Link: Miley’s Parents File for Divorce (Access Hollywood)

Manson, Marilyn — After rocky relationships with pinup Dita Von Teese and actress Evan Rachel Wood, the gothic rocker is said to currently be dating former America’s Top Model contestant CariDee English. Looks like that “database of unattentive fathers” software Manson purchased is finally beginning to pay for itself.

Link: Marilyn Manson’s Next Top Girlfriend (Contactmusic)

Sheen, Charlie — Following a messy altercation earlier this week wherein, during a trip to New York City with ex-wife Denise Richards and his children, Charlie Sheen went on a drug-fueled rampage and trashed a Plaza Hotel suite full of escorts, Richards says the couple’s daughters no nothing of the event and simply “think they had a fantastic trip in New York with mommy and daddy,” and that their “dad left early.” Allegedly, the children have also been told that Sheen has been “taken to live at a farm where he can run around all day long and play with other daddies, where he’ll be happy.”

Link: Denise Richards – “All I Can Do Is Move Forward and Keep My Girls Protected” (PopEater)

Spoilers, Horror Movie — As Halloween is this weekend, treat yourself to an inspired bit of YouTubedom in which two guys spoil 100 horror movie endings in five minutes. Go on, it’s Friday.

Link: 100 Horror Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes (YouTube)

Train — The “Hey Soul Sister” pop band revealed a new song Monday which will is to be the keystone tune in all of Coca-Cola’s upcoming Christmas promotions. The song title is “Shake Up Christmas,” changed from the original title,  “Make Christmas Musically Awful.”

Link: Train Looks to Shake Up Christmas for Coca-Cola (Reuters)

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