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The Entertation Index: November 11

November 11, 2010

Cube, Rubik’s — The Creative Arts Agency is reportedly in talks with several producers about the possibility of basing a feature-length film around Hungarian brain-bending toy the Rubik’s Cube. According to sources, the film will be interesting for about ten minutes before you don’t care if you complete it or not.

Link: Let’s All Feign Surprise That They’re Making a Rubik’s Cube Movie (AV Club)

Ford, Harrison — According to MTV, Harrison Ford has confirmed that there will be a fifth movie in the Indiana Jones franchise, another collaboration between Ford, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. At least, I think that’s what he confirmed. I have to admit that in my head what I just read was “According to MTV, Harrison Ford has confirmed that he will continue to strip the wonders of my childhood from me.”

Link: Harrison Ford Says Indiana Jones 5 is “On George Lucas’ Plate” (MTV)

O’Brien, Conan — It’s no secret that we here at TBTS are Conan supporters, and it’s great to have him back (his premire ratings, by the way, beat out Leno, Letterman, Stewart and Colbert). Just as a refresher course, Entertainment Weekly has thirteen moments as proof of why O’Brien’s one of the best, and why we’re glad he’s back.

Link: Conan O’Brien – 13 Late Night Classics (EW)

Pink — The grammy-winning singer is reportedly twelve weeks pregnant with her first child with husband Carey Hart. By my math, that means Pink can expect a very angry, muscular, tattooed, take-no-shit baby sometime in Mid-June. Congrats, Pink!

Link: Pink Expecting First Child with Carey Hart (LA Times)

Profanity — Gawker brings us a great collection of data from the Parents Television Council, which has tallied the statistics of prime time’s most oft-uttered swear words. So if you’re keeping score, “bleeped ‘fuck’,” piss” and “boobs” are steady risers since 2005, with “bastard,” “hell” and “euphamism for ‘shit'” slowly declining since five years ago. Not surprisingly, according to the graph, the word “douche” is down 100% — presumably because in 2005, Spencer Pratt was on television in The Hills, and in 2010 he’s not.

Link:  What are the Most Popular Swear Words on TV? (Gawker)

Shalit, Gene — Longtime Today Show movie critic Gene Shalit has announced he will be departing the venerable morning program after forty years, citing that “it’s enough already” and that he will continue to “pursue other activities.” It’s assumed, however, that he will continue to terrorize Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach on the Frappe Snowland board of Nintendo 64’s Mario Kart.

Link: Gene Shalit Leaving “Today” After 40 Years (Hollywood Reporter)

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