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The Entertation Index: November 15

November 15, 2010

Expected to play the part of Cindy Lou Who.

Duggar, Josie – The Duggar’s preemie 19th child is healthy and well according to mom Michelle.  At this rate, the Duggar family will be able to play all of Whoville in any remakes of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Link: Duggar Baby Doing Well (People)

Gibson, Mel – Gibson’s love letters to ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva have been entered as evidence in their highly-publicized court case.  In one, Gibson calls Grigorieva his “dark eyed beautiful little communist.”  In another, obtained exclusively by Brown Tweed, Gibson reportedly also refers to his “one-eyed, thickly-jacketed communist leader.”

Link: Mel’s Love Letters (TMZ)

Jameson, Jenna – The former adult film actress opens up to W magazine, revealing that she chose to stop doing porn when she decided she wanted children.  Quit she did.  Now when people ask how she “handles two at a time,” they most likely mean her 19-month old twins, Jesse and Journey.

Link: Jameson’s Exit (W Magazine)

Kunis, Mila – The That 70s Show actress dispels rumors that the Black Swan sex scene between her and friend Natalie Portman was facilitated by alcohol: “False!  There was no tequila!  Not sure where that rumor came from…”  Upon hearing that such a girl-on-girl scene would generate massive publicity, though, it is reported that Tila Tequila did try to get involved.

Link: No Booze in Black Swan Scene (People)

Lovato, Demi – Following Lovato’s entry into rehab for suspected cocaine and alcohol issues, the Disney Channel is revamping her series Sonny with a Chance to focus more on other show elements and give her “the time she needs to get well, without distraction or pressure.”  The show may temporarily be renamed Sonny with a Chance of Speedballs.

Link: Change in Lovato’s Show (Variety)

Speidi – TBTS reported to you last week that not only was Speidi’s divorce filing a publicity stunt done for financial gain, but that they are actually so in love that they will renew their vows!  Those vows are not expected to include “for richer or poorer.”

Link: Speidi to Renew Vows (PopEater)

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