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The Entertation Index: November 17

November 17, 2010

Collins, Joan – The Dynasty actress explains that she adhered to an 850-calorie per day diet in her 40s in order to stay in Hollywood shape.  I follow that same diet—in the morning, following it up with a supplemental 2000-calorie “after-lunch” diet.

Link: Collins’ Calories (Express)

Ke$ha's got it, Diandra Douglas wants it.

Douglas, Diandra – Michael Douglas’s ex-wife has had a suit dismissed in which she argued she should get half of his take from Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps because it was a spin-off off Wall Street.  Sorry Diandra.  Greed may be good, but it doesn’t always work.

Link: Douglas’s Ex’s Suit Dismissed (Luxist)

Gosselin, Kate – The reality TV star reportedly responds to her children’s refusal to eat sandwiches she makes for school by essentially recycling them for up to a week until the kids eat them.  We didn’t know they were the same sandwiches—we just figured that by the time she got done making enough food for the kids’ lunches, it was a week later.

Link: Gosselin Grub (Us)

Ke$ha – The “TikTok” singer explains to Funny Or Die how she came to be Ke$ha instead of Kesha.  This harrowing tale shows just how close she came to being Ke¢ha or KΣsha, the sum of all Keshas.

Link: Ke$ha’s Origins (PopEater)

Preston, Kelly – The Jerry Maguire actress is trying a Scientology “silent birth” again, after failing with previous child Ella Bleu.  To succeed, no one in the room, including Kelly, is supposed to talk, scream, or play music during labor so that the newborn is not traumatized.  Sorry, Scientology, expecting a woman to pass a baby through a non-baby-sized passage without a sound?  You may have to rethink this one.

Link: Preston to Try Silence (Digital Spy)

Situation, The – Bristol Palin and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino have recorded a video extolling the virtues of safe sex, saying that they both practice safe sex.  “Practice” is the operative word here.

Link: Bristol + Situation (Huffington Post)

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