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The Entertation Index: November 18

November 18, 2010

Baldwin, Alec — In a pre-taped segment for Tina Fey’s reception awarding her with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor (or “Humour,” for our neighbors across the pond!), her 30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin portrayed the great Samuel Langhorne Clemens himself. I think you’ll approve mightily. Please to enjoy.

Link: Alec Baldwin is Mark Twain — Reports of His Depth Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (NY Times)

Corgan, Billy — The Smashing Pumpkins frontman fired the most recent shot in the band’s feud with fellow indie darlings Pavement when he called the current Pavement reunion the “death of the alternative dream” and stated “[It’s] funny how those who pointed the big finger of ‘sell out’ are the biggest offenders now… yawn. They have no love.” Corgan then, proudly, cashed  profits checks totalling $4.25 from his last Zwan album and book of poetry, which was just enough to buy a new Schick Quattro for Women and shave his head again.

Link: Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Calls Pavement “Sell Outs” (NME)

Dollywood — On Tuesday, The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions awarded Dolly Parton’s “Dollywood” with the “Applause Award” for the world’s best-managed theme park. In case you’re wondering how Dollywood beat out Britain’s Alton Towers and Germany’s “Phantasialand” for the award, let me remind you that neither Alton Towers nor Phantasialand have a live act called “The Gazillion Bubbles Show” featuring “bubbles and lasers.” Consequently, Dollywood also recently won the “Most Bubbles Award” from the Association of Bubbles and/or Lasers.

Link: Parton’s Dollywood Named World’s Best Theme Park (Contactmusic)

"...and this one goes out to political dissident Liu Xaobo! Caaaan't Smiiile Without Yooou..."

Manilow, Barry — Pop legend Barry Manilow has signed on to play at the annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway as imprisoned democracy leader Liu Xiaobo receives the prestigious award. Xiaobo receives the prize for his decades of advocacy work calling for the repeal of communist one-party rule in mainland China, his public demonstrations in Tiananmen Square and his political manifestos calling for human rights and rule of law, all altruistic feats which can be no better celebrated than with a live rendition of “Copacabana.”

Link: Looks Like He Made It — Barry Manilow to Play Nobel Concert (USA Today)

Marvel — Marvel Comics is currently allowing fans to vote on which of the current Marvel comic series should be cancelled. The choice was apparently relegated only to the comics Deadpool Corpse or Deadpool Team-up, which means all that time I spent online voting for Uncomfortably Loud Diarrhea-Man went unheard.

Link: Rob Liefeld Lets Marvel’s Cat Out of the Bag (Gamma Squad)

Twilight — Moviefone is currently hosting a contest to find the world’s biggest Twilight fan, which has drawn the strange entry of a girl named Anita, dressed in some sort of gothic wedding dress, who proudly (and oddly heartfeltly) asks “I mean, how scary is it that I would literally take a bullet for anyone in the cast?” I understand you, Anita. I feel the same way about the cast of Tim Allen’s 1997 masterpiece Jungle 2 Jungle. You go.

Link: Biggest “Twilight” Fan Contestant: She’d Take a Bullet for the Cast (Moviefone)

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