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The Entertation Index: November 23

November 23, 2010

Cakes, Ace of — The Food Network has announced that its show Ace of Cakes, which has aired ten seasons and 116 episodes, has been canceled. If this news actually bothers you, you are way too into cakes. And you will also be pleased to know there are still forty-seven thousand programs of people baking cakes left on the air.

Link: Ace of Cakes CANCELED by Food Network (HuffPo)

Garfield — A new internet, iPad and iPhone application will allow you to become a part of Jim Davis’ comic strip, starring alongside the lasagna-loving cat when you upload a picture of your face to insert into any number of Garfield comics. Because the only better way to say “I have nothing going on in my life right now” than forwarding Garfield comics is forwarding Garfield comics to friends in which you’ve taken the time to upload and add your own picture.

Link: Garfield Fans Become Part of the Strip (ABC News)

The new iPhone OS 4.2

Herman, Pee Wee — In case you’ve been living in a cave, you know that The Pee Wee Herman Show has come to broadway. And the reviews are in — it looks like a huge success. Here then, for your Tuesday pleasure, is a video montage of every “secret word” selected by Conky in the Playhouse.

Link: Pee Wee’s Secret Words (UGO)

Lohan, Lindsay — The Freaky Friday star has reportedly been been axed from her purported role playing Deep Throat’s Linda Lovelace, as director Matthew Wilder has said he is pursuing other actresses for the part. This means that if Lindsay Lohan wants to be a cocaine-addicted train wreck it will, as always, have to remain on her own free time.

Link: Lohan Loses out on Lovelace Biographical Film (NY Times)

Pelletier, BronsonTwilight star Bronson Pelletier, who plays werewolf tribe member Jared in the film series, was struck, put into a headlock and headbutted after a drunken gang stumbled across the actor at Birmingham, England’s Eternal Twilight 4 Convention. Though Pelletier was at the time surrounded by self-proclaimed “vampires” and “werewolves,” the fans simply threw down their lunch money and ran home crying, as most Twilight fans have been conditioned to do.

Link: “Twilight” Star Attacked by Drunken Gang (DigitalSpy)

Potter, Harry — Even as part one of the blockbuster continues to perform in theaters, ABC has snatched up the right to air both halves of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2013. This seemed fitting, as ABC’s Thursday night line-up is currently referred to as “The Deathly Hallows” as it is.

Link: ABC Family Acquires TV Rights to “Harry Potter” (Hollywood Reporter)

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