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The Entertation Index: December 7

December 7, 2010

Be, Let It — You know, if a Norwegian television production company called me up and asked me to put together some stars for their Beatles tribute, I’m pretty sure it would look a lot like the the stars this Norwegian teleivision production company actually got to partake in their Beatles tribute. Oh, you’re gonna love this.

Link: Watch a Fantastically Random Group of Celebrities Lip-Synch to “Let It Be” (NY Mag)

Duhamel, Josh — The Transformers star was kicked off a flight from New York’s LaGuardia airport over the weekend after he refused to turn off his Blackberry phone, causing the flight to turn around on the tarmac and return to the terminal, where Duhamel was removed from the plane. Nice going, flight attendants! Because of your stupid “rules,” Josh Duhamel was unreachable. And you know what that means: Channing Tatum probably got another movie. Nice going.

Link: Mr. Fergie Kicked Off Flight from LaGuardia (Gothamist)

Grammer, Kelsey — The former Frasier star, still fresh from his last divorce, has already allegedly made plans to walk down the aisle again. Reps for Grammer have confirmed that the actor is engaged to former flight attendant Kayte Walsh. Sources say that Walsh is not looking particularly forward to her own inevitable divorce from Grammer, as “by this point, all the good stuff’s been really picked over.”

Link: Kelsey Grammer Proposes to Girlfriend (Hollyscoop)

Handler, Chelsea — The risque comedienne, during a stand-up gig this weekend, went off on actress Angelina Jolie, calling the actress a “homewrecker,” a “fucking cunt” and a “fucking bitch.” Let’s see: accidentally leaked sex tape, check. Dalliances with musicians, check. Calling out another famous person in public, check. Looks like somebody’s been reading the Fast Track to Celebrity Without Actually Doing Anything Worthwhile Handbook.

Link: Chelsea Handler — Angelina Jolie is a F**cking C**t, F**cking B**ch” (Huffington Post)

Sandler, Adam — The Waterboy and Happy Gilmore star is currently planning his own annual holiday party, which is open to all of Sandler’s friends, execs from the actor’s Happy Madison production company, guests from Sony Pictures, musicians, writers and more (and it’s insisted that kids be brought along as well). The party will reportedly feature ice skating, bowling, an open bar and top-notch food, and — like Sandler’s movies — everyone will have a giddily great time and then act like it’s so uncool to say you enjoyed it.

Link: Adam Sandler Invites 5,000 People to His Holiday Party (Hollywood Reporter)

Spider-Man — Another casualty bit the dust in the Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark saga last week as reps for Natalie Mendoza, who plays a villain called Arachne in the musical, revealed that the actress was standing in the wings of a preview show when a rope holding a piece of equipment struck her in the head, leaving her with a concussion. On the plus side, however, we’ve finally discovered how Spidey can quickly and easily dispatch the nefarious Doctor Octopus: by giving him a role in the show.

Link: Concussion Sidelines “Spider-Man” Actresss (NY Times)

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