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The Entertation Index: December 8

December 8, 2010

Bale's hair-reduction regimen is working quite nicely.

Bale, ChristianThe Machinist actor explains that his weight loss regimen for his new movie The Fighter involved intense training, and jokingly, “lots of coke and almost a surgery from”  Also, it is thought that berating crew members at length burns hundreds of calories per hour.

Link: Bale Slims Down (Latino Review)

Gosselin, Kate – The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star went camping with the Palins recently for an episode of TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  She was not exactly thrilled about it.  If you’d like to see someone somehow come across as more annoying than Sarah Palin, please watch this episode, or at least read the transcript.

Link: Gosselin and Palin Go Camping (Huffington Post)

Jwoww – The Jersey Shore star is asking her ex-boyfriend to return some “derogatory” photos of her he may have in his possession, which are purported to show Jwoww very nude.  If these pictures get out, available for $0, she may regret not taking the $400,000 Playboy reportedly offered her to pose.

Link: Jwoww Photos? (TMZ)

Stern, Howard – The famous radio personality responded to his boss’s suggestion that he agree to reduced pay by saying, “I am not taking a f—ing pay-cut.  Why would I have to take a pay-cut?”  Take heart, Stern fans.  If Howard does leave the air, you can listen to the same commentary by hanging out at a college bar about an hour before last call.

Link: Stern Refuses Pay Cut (EW)

Twins, The Olsen – Bob Saget tells that early on in the filming of Full House, he would diaper Mary-Kate and Ashley because he had his own baby at the time.  The twins are all grown up now, each having gained approximately 12 pounds, most of it eye make-up.

Link: Saget Diapered The Twins (PopEater)

Witherspoon, Reese – Though she’s dating agent Jim Toth, the Sweet Home Alabama actress recalls some bad first dates.  During one blind date, a man corrected her grammar within the first ten minutes, which was pretty much a deal-breaker.  Jennifer Aniston has a similar pet peeve, in which men drop telephoto lenses into her Caprese salad, then sell stories of their “awful first dates” with her to whichever tabloids need a “Jennifer Aniston Can’t Keep A Man!” headline.

Link: Witherspoon’s Bad Dates (People)

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