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The Entertation Index: December 21

December 21, 2010

Beer — Celebrating the almighty microbrew (something our own Jay St. Orts does here often), Paste Magazine has ranked the 25 Best New American Beers of 2010 — and they include Colorado’s “Wake Up Dead,” Brooklyn’s “Sorachi Ace” and California’s “Little Sumpin’ Wild.” Among the worst new American Beers? New York’s “Larry King Bathwater Bitter,”   Detroit’s “GMC Slough-off Ale” and Oklahoma’s unpopular “Sleep Drool.”

Link: The 25 Best New American Beers of 2010 (Paste)

I will get naked with a Jake. I will get naked with a rake. I will get naked for a role. I will get naked with a bowl.

Gaga, Lady — The innovative songstress took to Twitter last night to announce that she was “furious and devastated” about the French government’s detainment of her truck drivers and equipment for a Paris concert and ultimately led to the show’s cancellation. “WTF?” Gaga allegedly tweeted. “This cottage cheese dress won’t keep forever, you know.”

Link: Gaga “Devastated” Over Cancelled Gig (DigitalSpy)

Hathaway, Anne — The Love and Other Drugs actress recently told the UK’s BANG Showbiz that “doing nudity is part of being an actor.” This comes after she announced on her SNL appearance’s monologue that she would gladly get naked for a role, talked about nudity for roles on an Australian radio show and told Britain’s The Daily Record that the nudity of her recent film “made sense to the story.”  Okay, okay, we get it. Hathaway reportedly went on to say that she feels nudity is “sometimes called for” at the bank, getting naked “is a natural part” of picking up her dry cleaning and that disrobing is a “great way to go grocery shopping.”

Link: Anne Hathaway Happy to Strip for Roles (Contactmusic)

Jackson, Jon — L.A.-based fashion designer Jon Jackson, after making the decision to move to New York City, recently bought a series of billboards around the city which herald traditional break-up phrases like “Sorry L.A., it’s over,” “I love you L.A., I’m just not in love with you” and “I think we should see other cities.” Jackson’s decision to move has been widely derided because, with this level of narcissism, he’s really a much better fit for L.A. Responses to the billboards, it should be noted, have reportedly ranged from “not giving a shit where this guy lives” to “not giving a shit where this guy lives.”

Link: Designer “Breaks Up” With Los Angeles Before Moving on to New York (HuffPo)

Paramore — Grammy-nominated pop/emo band Paramore posted an announcement to its website over the weekend that Josh and Zac Farro, the band’s guitarist and drummer, will be leaving the band in 2011. The official site announcement also assuaged troubled fans’ fears by assuring them that the band — even without the Farros — will continue to perform the same three songs over and over, changing the lyrics to those three songs from time to time.

Link: Paramore’s Guitarist and Drummer Call It Quits (Rolling Stone)

Spider-Man — The official opening of Julie Taymor’s ultra-expensive Broadway extravaganza Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark — which has been plagued with injuries and problems — has postponed its official opening, which was to be in January, until February. “This is a continuing process — we’re previewing, which takes away from our time to iron out wrinkles and put other things in,” said producer Michael Cohl before an errant stage light dropped from somewhere above and abruptly silenced him.

Link: “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark” Producer: U2, “New Ideas” Delayed Opening (Rolling Stone)

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