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The Year in Review: 2010 (Part I)

December 27, 2010

Best New Television Show: The Walking Dead

Most Pretentious Rhyme: “horchata” and “balaclava” (Contra, Vampire Weekend)

Best Birds: Angry

Best Angry Birds: The ones who pooped on Kings of Leon

Biggest (Successful) Comeback: Pee Wee Herman (Pee Wee’s Playhouse, on Broadway)

Biggest (Unsuccessful) Comeback: Gordon Gekko (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

What the Hell Happened to: Geena Davis, by the way?

Best Movie to Pretend Like You Saw, to Appear In-the-Know: Blue Valentine

Best Movie to Pretend Like You Didn’t See: Human Centipede

Most Over-Romanticized Lyrics about Las Vegas: “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” (Flamingo, Brandon Flowers)

Hippest Show to Love: Community

Song With a Run We Thought Would Never End: “Hey Soul Sister” (Train)

Back and Better than Ever: Eminem

Best News of a New Movie: A new, true, dyed-in-the-cloth Muppet Movie for 2011

Best Pompadour (January February): Conan O’Brien

Best Pompadour (March-October): Bruno Mars

Best Pompadour (November-December): Conan O’Brien

Everyone in an Airport is Reading: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Sure Signs We Are All Getting Older: Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town

So You’re Not Infallible After All, Tyler Perry: For Colored Girls

Show We Wanted to Love: The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Most Inventive Literary Regurgitation: Sherlock Holmes on Masterpiece Mystery

You’re a Bee?: “Imma Bee” (Black Eyed Peas)

It’s Not Grand Theft Auto, but It’s Pretty Damn Good: Red Dead Redemption

Do You Actually Know Anyone Who Saw: Jonah Hex?

Great Idea for a Twitter Feed: Shit My Dad Says

Terrible Idea for a Television Show: Shit My Dad Says

I Love the 80’s: Clash of the Titans, A-Team, The Karate Kid

The 50’s, Not So Much: Yogi Bear

Successful Collaboration: Elton John and Leon Russell

Unsuccessful Collaboration: U2 and Spider-Man

Should’ve Been Better: Grown-Ups

Should’ve Been Worse: Iron Man 2

Just What You Knew It Would Be: Jackass 3-D

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