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The Entertation Index: January 3

January 3, 2011

We want to believe you, Paula.

Abdul, Paula – The former American Idol judge tells CBS News that she has never been “physically drunk” in her life, nor has she ever used “recreational drugs.”  She uses them purely professionally.

Link: Abdul Has Never Been Drunk (CBS News)

Anthony, Marc – The Latin singer has been stung with federal and state tax liens exceeding $3.4 million.  His wife, Jennifer Lopez, will reportedly work an extra week of judging on American Idol to pay it off.

Link: Anthony Nailed (RadarOnline)

Berry, Chuck – About 55 years of rocking his ass off finally caught up to the 84-year-old rock & roll/blues legend, who was examined by paramedics at a Chicago concert Saturday night after feeling faint from exhaustion.  Contrast this with Kings of Leon, who you may have heard cancelled an appearance after widdle birdie-wirdies poopied in their mouvee-mouvs.

Link: Chuck Berry Exhausted (People)

Brown, Chris – Trying to rehab his career and image after assaulting Rihanna, Brown cut himself off at the knees by tweeting homophobic slurs at rapper Raz-B.  Jesus, Chris, what else have you got up your sleeve?  You’re lucky to have gotten a second act.  Showbiz doesn’t do thirds.

Link: Brown In A Twitter Scuffle (Huffington Post)

Donatacci, Camille – Kelsey Grammer’s soon-to-be ex-wife rejected a $30 million divorce settlement offer, believing that she is due at least $50 million as a partner in some of Grammer’s TV and other production ventures.  She also considered the fact that…wait, Frasier made that much money?

Link: Grammer’s Wife Rejects Initial Offer (NY Post)

Perry, Katy – While recording Teenage Dream, the sultry songstress apparently left a song off the album, but it has now been leaked.  Don’t worry—you’ve probably heard the song before, under many different names.

Link: Perry’s Secret Song (MTV)

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