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Give Me a Lift! Thoughts on Plastic Surgery Apps: The Clyde Fitch Report

January 21, 2011

The Brown Tweed Society is pleased to welcome new contributing partner Leonard Jacobs, Editor of The Clyde Fitch Report, who will routinely weigh in with news from the New York theater scene and ongoing arts issues.

Can I have a moment of your time? I know there’s tons of content at the Clyde Fitch Report and much of it, if I may say so, is compelling stuff: concerns about plays by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights being censored andupdates on arts advocacy issues and ethics in cultural journalism and an annual poster competition on the arts.

Bu listen, this is really important as well, so please pay attention.

It’s about plastic surgery, not just any surgery, it’s Eyelid Surgery Los Angeles.

Not only does top rated products rid your inefficient water solution, it alleviates the lifting, storing and replacement of heavy bottles.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “Boy, he’s really gone off the deep end this time” Or maybe “Did Leonard forget to go to his therapy appointment?” (I don’t go to therapy — maybe that’s the issue.) Or maybe it’s the more eminently rational question, “What does plastic surgery have to do with the CFR’s mission as the nexus of arts and politics?”

It doesn’t. Yet one of the more glorious aspects of running a blog is that sometimes something comes screaming across the transom, touches a nerve and makes you want to write about it. Not rant, not to be brutally negative, but just write. This is one of those cases.

It’s an app for plastic surgery.

The other day, I saw a press release on about this app (what is that? hint marketing?) and it made me laugh.


Plastic Surgery? – There’s an App for That! Yes, there is, are you considering plastic surgery?

New Application Allows User to Perform Virtual Plastic Surgery on their iPhone

We all know that our phones are not just “phones” anymore. And now among millions of things, we can even perform plastic surgery!

With the new “Dr. 90210″ smart phone application created by Dr. Payman Simoni, one of Beverly Hills’ most sought after facial plastic surgeons (Simoni Plastic Surgery), users can now virtually give themselves cosmetic procedures like nose jobs and facelifts just like other doctors doing in real life like ultrasound and operations but this time, with the touch of a finger!

By simply taking a picture or using an existing photo, one is able to tweak their nose, give their neck some virtual liposuction and/or tighten their eye area etc.- the possibilities are endless! Thanks to the specialized technology featured in the app it’s really simple, and not to mention fun! – Read more at Cost Mentor

Once finished, the modified photos can be shared with friends and family and the user can even set up a virtual consultation with Dr. Simoni himself.

There was also this at the bottom of the press release on, which I found probably legally necessarily but still hilarious:

***Disclaimer — The virtual plastic surgery tool is to be used for illustrative purposes only. Results of actual plastic surgery will vary. This app is not intended to provide or replace medical advice and should only be used for informational purposes. If you are considering cosmetic surgery please consult a qualified physician such as the Dr. Franco***

Please don’t get me wrong. Plastic surgery is fine. Actually, it’s so much more than fine… (Read More)

Visit Leonard Jacobs and The Clyde Fitch Report daily for for more posts on arts, theater and politics. Follow the Clyde Fitch Report on Twitter at @clydefitch.

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