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The Entertation Index: January 24

January 24, 2011

Clooney, George – The perpetual bachelor said Friday on Piers Morgan Tonight that his marriage to Talia Balsam, which ended in 1993, would be his last.  “I gave it a shot,” said Clooney, but it’s possible he was talking about his recent bout with malaria.

Link: Clooney Won’t Marry Again (CNN)

"A Disick" is an anagram for "Is a dick." Coincidence?

Disick, Scott – There’s no love lost between Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend and her family.  It was only recently, in fact, that he and certain family members could even be in the same room together.  Perhaps things would go better if he didn’t constantly look like he was doing an impression of Patrick Bateman in Psycho.

Link: Disick Dissed (Huffington Post)

Minaj, Nicki – The R&B/rap singer, who popped up out of nowhere and is now apparently contractually obligated to cameo in all broadcast songs, has a new wig.  Some say it is supposed to be camouflage, but it looks more like she got one wet, stuffed it in a plastic b

ag, and forgot about it for three months.

The newest addition to Minaj's "Aspergillus" line.

Link: Minaj’s New Topper (Media TakeOut)

Sarandon, Susan – After being asked multiple times, the sultry actress insists that she does not have a boyfriend, and it is definitely not her ping-pong club business partner Jonathan Bricklin.  Sarandon refers to him only as “a gentleman caller.”

Link: Sarandon Not Involved (E!)

Skins – Stars of MTV’s controversial new show are defending its heated subject matter, namely sex and drugs, by stating, “It’s what teens are doing.”  It is worth noting, then, that there aren’t any shows focused on teens playing Call of Duty: Black Ops or role playing games.

Link: Hitting Skins (PopEater)

Von D, Kat – The tattooed celebrity is engaged to other major tattooed celebrity Jesse James.  Von D was recently spotted sporting a 4+ carat diamond and platinum ring designed by famous jeweler Neil Lane.  It was selected for the unique indentation it will m

ake in James’ forehead when he cheats on Von D in the next few years.

Link: Kat Von D, Jesse James Engaged (People)

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