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The Entertation Index: January 27

January 27, 2011

Cher — The Burlesque star, disappointed with the lack of Academy Award nominations for her recent film Burlesque, took to Twitter this week decrying the snubbing and saying “it is what it is.” Obviously, Cher was among the many, many people who did not see Burlesque.

Link: Cher Tweets Disappointment with “Burlesque” Academy Snub (Hollywood Reporter)

Dating, Online — R. Luke DuBois, a Manhattan-based artist and programmer, has opened an exhibit in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood wherein he maps the most frequently used words employed in online dating profiles to attract potential mates. His findings revealed that ritzier zip codes saw a glut of words like “luxury” and “brunch” while more family-oriented, upwardly mobile areas had a high number of words like “baby” and “publishing.” Ultimately and sadly, however, DuBois discovered that in no zip code are the words “artist” or “programmer” desirable.

Link: The Art of Online Dating (WNYC)

Grammer, Camille — Despite Kelsey Grammer’s attempt to rush through his divorce with soon-to-be-ex and Real Housewife Camille Grammer, the future former Mrs. Frasier is being accused of drawing out the proceedings as she grinds out the settlement process. I can understand that; Camille Grammer did not marry a famous person so she could be denied what’s rightfully hers:  a long, public drawn out divorce process during which her name is mentioned all over the place non-stop and of which she can milk every last drop of publicity.

Link: Camille Grammer Tells L.A. Judge – Let’s Talk Money Before the Divorce (Radar)

Grammer, Kelsey — See: Grammer, Camille

"I got a new boyfriend, y'all! He's from French."

Reid, Tara — The American Pie actress and world-renowned tequila-taster has resurfaced after a long absence from the spotlight at Paris’ Valentino Haute Couture show yesterday with new boyfriend Michael Lillelund. Lillelund was overheard during the evening to have remarked at one point “Why, no, I haven’t watched movies or television, read a newspaper or magazine or logged onto the internet for the last ten years. Why do you ask?”

Link: Tara Reid Hits Valentino Haute Couture Show (HuffPo)

Shore, Jersey — “GTL” may soon stand for “Gondola, Tortelloni, Limoncello” as The Situation and Company will be heading to Italy for the fourth season of the MTV hit Jersey Shore, according to network sources. Apparently, the United States has some sort of unknown vendetta against the unwitting Italians — and I guess we’ve all forgotten how hurt we felt when Finland’s reality program “American Cheeseburger Cargo Shorts” filmed a season over here.

Link: “Jersey Shore” Headed to Italy for Fourth Season (Yahoo)

Spider-Man — The L.A. Times reports that the troubled production Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark continues undauntedly ahead despite cast injuries, cables falling onto audience members and a changed finale, with ticket prices for preview performances exceeding $200. So you could buy into that hype at that cost — OR you could give my collaborator Matt Shorr and me each twenty dollars, I’ll play the Achtung Baby CD and wing a folding chair at his knees. Your call.

Link: Troubled “Spider-Man” is Beaten but Unbowed (Los Angeles Times)

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