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The Entertation Index: January 31

January 31, 2011

Ads, Super Bowl – Tween heartthrob Justin Bieber and metal icon Ozzy Osbourne recently teamed up to film a Best Buy Super Bowl commercial.  The ad is apparently aimed at 12-year-old girls and aging metalheads, or “people who don’t watch the Super Bowl.”

Link: Bieber + Oz (PopEater)

THIS is what crushes children.

Diddy, P – Rapper and businessman Sean “P Diddy” Combs has been sued by Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks for $1 trillion for several alleged crimes, including knocking down the World Trade Center, “crushing” her and her children, and taking a casino chip from her worth “100 zillions of dollars.”  She would have a better case had she sued for emotional distress from listening to Diddy’s Kashmir-sampling, Godzilla-soundtracked “Come With Me.”

Link: P Diddy Sued (RadarOnline)

Estevez, Joe – Rumor has it that the rep for Charlie Sheen’s uncle, Joe Estevez, has floated the idea of including Uncle Joe in a Two and A Half Men storyline while Sheen does a stint in rehab.  Estevez’s manager supposedly sent a message to Chuck Lorre, creator and producer of the show, saying that Joe is “by far the funniest of the Sheen & Estevez clan.”  Unfortunately, he’s probably right.

Link: Sheen Vs. Estevez? (TMZ)

Monkeys – I’m a sucker for monkeys, so here’s a cute and slightly-frightening video of a guy getting swarmed by them.  This reminds me of my favorite quote from this last Christmas, when my lady-friend told me by phone while chilling with her family for the holidays that she was “watching Hoda get climbed on by little monkey-creatures.”

Link: Monkey Man-Mountain (Gawker)

Palin, Bristol –Washington University cancelled a planned speech by Bristol Palin about abstinence after students protested, upset that the Dancing With the Stars contestant would be paid to talk about a subject which may not be her forte.  This casts doubt on next week’s speech by Tom Sizemore about healthy, safe sexual practices and having fun without drugs.

Link: Bristol Speech Nixed (STLToday)

Piven, Jeremy – The Entourage actor said that he and Miley Cyrus, with whom he co-stars in their new movie So Undercover, got along quite well: “I had so much fun with her and we had great chemistry.”  He then clarified that he meant they actually had a great chemistry class together.

Link: Piven + Cyrus? (E! Online)

  1. January 31, 2011 3:05 pm

    I’ve been a fan of Joe Estevez ever since I saw him in MST3K’s “Werewolf.” He looks like a drunk Martin Sheen.


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