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The Entertation Index: February 7

February 7, 2011


Berry, Halle – The custody battle between the screen beauty and her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, has turned nasty.  Berry reportedly emailed Aubry that “You were only good for one thing… Thanks for the donation.”  This was meant as an insult, but there are a couple billion guys who would have been happy to do the same thing.

Link: Halle’s Email (RadarOnline)

Diddy – The rapper/businessman has rewarded his son Justin with a Maybach limo service for becoming an honors student.  He has earned himself some critics for such a lavish gift, but I received the same treatment when I first made straight A’s: I was deloused and moved back into the house from the shed, and had my gruel warmed.  Don’t listen to the haters, Diddy.

Link: Diddy’s Gift (Independent)

Jackson, Samuel L. – The Deep Blue Sea actor is apparently “screen testing” several starlets who are scrambling to work with him on “The Avengers.”  Don’t worry, starlets, because if you don’t win a part in this film, you’ll have a chance to audition for Jackson’s other 150 movies this year.

Link: Jackson in The Avengers (NY Post)

Lohan, Lindsay – Fresh out of rehab, Lohan finds herself in hot water again, accused of stealing a $2500 necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store.  Sorry, fans.  Right when you thought LiLo would be stealing your hearts again, she was just stealing your heart-shaped pendants from Kay.

Link: Lohan Accused of Theft (TMZ)

Madison, Holly – The former Girl Next Door, who spent six years as one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, has not been shy about her disapproval of Hef’s impending marriage to Crystal Harris.  Madison has decided that she will not go to the wedding, even if invited.  “I feel like the attention should be on them,” says the person who can’t stop talking about the situation every time the cameras are trained on her.

Link: Holly Weighs In (PopEater)

Soderbergh, Steven – The Traffic director has been hit with a paternity suit by an Australian woman who claims they had a relationship while he was in Sydney for the opening of his play Tot Mom.  The legal brief is expected to take about three hours to get through, will be incredibly convoluted, and you’ll probably need to read it about five times to really understand what’s going on.

Link: Soderbergh Sued (Huffington Post)

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