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The Entertation Index: February 10

February 10, 2011

Brûlée, Créme — In the greatest news all week, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James and folk-rocker M. Ward have — and this is no joke, people — started a blog wherein they literally critique créme brûlées from around the world. I’m not even going to cheapen this amazingness with further commentary, but I will say it makes me like these two guys even more than I already do. Which was a lot.

Link: Creme-bru-log (website)

Decemberists, The — Colin Meloy and company have recorded a new song called “The Great Outdoors” for the popular Nick Jr. program Yo Gabba Gabba!, premiering on the kids’ network this week. Prepare for children everywhere to find a new interest in blacksmithing, top hats, doomed Victorian relationships and shipwreck tragedies.

Link: The Decemberists Offer Up a New Tune, “The Great Outdoors” to Yo Gabba Gabba (Sly Oyster)

Lohan, Lindsay — In the midst of criminal charges alleging that actress Lindsay Lohan stole a $2,5,00 necklace from a Venice jewelry store, new accusations arise that Lohan owes Nevada tanning company Tanning Vegas upwards of $41,000 in unpaid fees for their interstate services. I’m no lawyer, but seeing as how Lohan’s skin looks like a cross between a Pony Express saddlebag and a burmese star tortoise, I’d say that Tanning Vegas held up their end of the deal.

Link: Lindsay Lohan Accused of of Burning Tanning Company (TMZ)

Post, Huffington — In a monstrous deal, former online media giant AOL has agreed to acquire the news content site The Huffington Post and its off-shoots in an effort it says will “create a premier global, national, local, and hyper-local content group.” According to press kits for the merger, readers of the Huffington Post can expect the same wealth of news and information delivered to them now; the only difference will be that whenever anyone calls you on the phone you’ll have to start reading your article over from the very beginning.

Link: AOL Agrees to Acquire The Huffington Post (HuffPo)

Simpson, Ashlee — The younger Simpson sister and rocker Pete Wentz have reportedly decided to call it quits on their marriage after a relatively-long-for-Hollywood two and a half years, People Magazine is reporting. According to the magazine’s source, “It’s very amicable — they’re on very friendly terms and speaking — it’s fine.” This news came in a bizarre interview wherein Simpson moved her mouth open and shut as the undisclosed source spoke the words into the microphone.

Link: Why Ashlee Simpson-Wentz & Pete Wentz Split (People)

Yorker, New — In what has become a startling exposé, Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis has come forth in a current New Yorker profile piece to publicly criticize the Church of Scientology, claiming he’s heard “horrifying” things concerning the church’s superiors and says that he wouldn’t be surprised if we see him involved in some scandal in the upcoming years which on the surface “looks like it has nothing to do with the church.” Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is about calling out Scientology. I mean, come on, what can they really do to

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