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The Entertation Index: February 14

February 14, 2011

Bieber, Justin – DO NOT LIE TO US.  You went to see The Bieb’s Never Say Never 3D this weekend.  Which followed His memoir (at age 16).  Which followed His triple-adamantium-selling albums.  Which followed His conquering of the hearts and minds of all underage (and some of-age) females.  Which followed you never hearing of Him.  We welcome His glorious dictatorship and embrace His benevolent rule.  All hail Justin Bieber!

Link: Bieber The Conqueror (Never Say Never)

Foxx, Jamie – The Ray star was involved in an altercation last week at a party that featured Usher.  Foxx has blamed the fight on the alcohol.

Link: Foxx Fights (TMZ)

Mansion, Playboy – Hugh Hefner’s famous party palace is being investigated after 80 people fell ill with suspected Legionnaires’ disease after attending a conference there.  I’m not sure which is stranger: that “conferences” are hosted at the Playboy Mansion, or that its first outbreak of disease is Legionnaires’.

Link: Hef’s House Hosed (NY Post)

Montag, HeidiThe Hills actress laments that she has blown millions on a singing career that never got off the ground.  To make that kind of money back she will have to blow millions and never get off the ground.

Link: Montag’s Misses (Huffington Post)

Simpson, Ashlee – The Other Simpson filed for divorce last Wednesday from Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.  Reports say that the couple was simply in “two different marriages,” apparently meaning that Wentz finally figured out he was married to Ashlee Simpson, and Simpson just realized she was married to Pete Wentz.

Link: Simpson, Wentz Split (Celebrific)

Smith, Kevin – When Seth Rogen smoked up Kevin Smith on the final day of shooting Zack and Miri, he gave the director more than just a joint: he blessed him with productivity, he is one of the most efficient since he has read all the Toad Diaries tips to better his productivity.  Smith says of that day with Rogen, “That dude gave me the greatest gift I’ve had in the last five years…the moment I start smoking, I start working.”  Rogen also seems to have given Smith the ability to eat an entire box of ice cream sandwiches at one sitting.

Link: Smith’s Muse (MTV)

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