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The Entertation Index: March 21

March 21, 2011

Douglas, Diandra – Michael Douglas’s ex-wife admits trying to squeeze more money out of him because Bernie Madoff screwed her out of a lot of the $45 million she won from Douglas in their 2000 divorce.  So to rephrase, someone took money given to her by someone else, so she went after someone for more money that wasn’t hers instead of, say, trying to make her own money.  Stay classy, Diandra!

Link: Diandra Goes for More (NY Post)

Internet, Porn on the – The internet may get a spot just for porn, as the organization that parcels out domains has approved .xxx suffixes for adult sites.  No longer will you be able to tell your fiancée that the site that you forgot to clear from your browser history is really a company that offers burro rides into the world’s largest clefts.

Link: New Adult Domain (Gawker)

Lohan, Lindsay – After Lohan admitted to her probation officer that she drank kombucha tea, which has about .5% alcohol (also called “water” by Lohan), the L.A. County Probation department is strongly pushing for her to be jailed.  Another reason: Chained Heat II.

Link: Lohan In Trouble Again? (TMZ)

Madness, March – Yes, you were totally going to pick that one 13-over-4 and that one 12-over-5, but you didn’t and your bracket is already screwed.  So is everyone else’s.  That’s what you get for ever picking Pitt to do well in the tournament.  It’s time now to just sit back and enjoy basketball.

Link: What Happens Every March (Every Sports Site on the Internet)

Superman – It’s being directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Chris Nolan, but you are forgiven for questioning casting Kevin Costner as Clark Kent’s dad.  Just look at it this way: everything about the movie could suck eggs and it still wouldn’t be the worst Superman reboot of the last five years.

Link: Costner in Superman (Deadline)

Soon to renamed "The Taylorax."

Swift, Taylor – The country-pop darling has joined the cast of a 3-D animated version of Dr. Seuss classic The Lorax.  As you may recall, The Lorax is about a pixie-ish young blonde who uses up all the fame and win in the world, leaving none for anyone else.

Link: Taylor’s Movie Gig (EW)

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