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The Entertation Index: March 24

March 24, 2011

Black, Rebecca — The saga of Rebecca Black continues with the 13 year-old still ringing up hits on YouTube for her video “Friday,” which was produced by a company which specializes in turning paying customers into auto-tuned sensations — and now Lady Gaga is speaking out in defense of the tween. During a recent internet chat,  Gaga proclaimed Black “a genius and that anybody telling her she’s cheesy is full of shit.” Nice of Gaga to come to her defense, although it should be noted that nobody particularly asked for Lady Gaga either, and yet here she is.

Link: Lady Gaga – “Rebecca Black is a Genius!” (PopEater)

Brown, Chris — After becoming upset at questions about ex-girlfriend Rihanna on popular morning show Good Morning America, singer Chris Brown reportedly trashed a dressing room by throwing a chair into a window and destroying it. Good Morning America hasn’t seen this much destruction on-set since a 2008 “Getting Into Bikini-Body Shape for Summer” segment turned particularly nasty.

Link: Chris Brown Flips Out, Smashes Window After GMA (Us Magazine)

Did any of that make sense? No? Awesome!


Duran, Duran — As part of a promotional concert series for American Express called “Unstaged,” art film director David Lynch will be pairing with 80’s new-wave Brit-rockers Duran Duran for a live, webcasted performance merging the sensibilities of the two. It should be a perfect marriage: after all, why Duran Duran thinks they can make a comeback is easily just as confusing as Mulholland Drive was.

Link: David Lynch Tells Movieline What to Expect from his Duran Duran Concert Collaboration (Movieline)

Lynch, David — See: Duran, Duran

Sculpture, Mayan — Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History has discovered that the Pre-Columbian stone sculpture of a Mayan warrior, which sold for more than four million dollars at a Paris art auction earlier this week, is a fake — and was actually made recently and designed to have an “ancient appearance.” Experts said that the first tip-off that the piece was a fraud was that the Mayan warriors of 750 A.D. were not actually semi-trucks which turned into robots.

Link: Mayan Relic Sold for $4 Million is a Fake? (Reuters)

Taylor, Elizabeth — Tuesday’s passing of  Dame Elizabeth Taylor from congestive heart failure was a major loss for the entire Hollywood and film community. The two-time Oscar-winning Taylor had appeared in more than fifty films and was known for her tireless humanitarian work within the AIDS community. Our thoughts go out to her family. She was one classy lady.

Link: Actress Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79 (Salon)

Wood, Evan Rachel — The Wrestler star, currently appearing with Kate Winslet in HBO’s period drama Mildred Pierce, tells TMZ that for to keep things thoroughly 1930’s-authentic for a full-frontal nude scene, she wore a hairpiece desinged to depict her pubic hair. HBO saved money, though; it was Paul Giamatti’s wig from the network’s 2008 miniseries John Adams.

Link: Evan Rachel Wood in Mildred Pierce – The Merkin Tale (TMZ)

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