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The Entertation Index: March 31

March 31, 2011

Batman — The third in Christopher Nolan’s excellent Batman franchise trilogy hasn’t even been filmed yet, and yet Warner Brothers is already planning to completely overhaul the series in a “reboot” after Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises cues the end of Nolan’s involvement in the series. “Nolan has been great, but it’s time to switch gears,” an unnamed TBTS Hollywood exec source allegedly said of the news. “It’s definitely time to start making Batman movies shitty again.”

Link: Warner Bros. to Reboot Batman after The Dark Knight Rises (Collider)

Franco, James — The recent Oscar host has signed on to play the lead character in the upcoming film Oz, the Great and Powerful, from Walt Disney Pictures. It should be also noted that Franco will, as well, play Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, Toto and at least forty flying monkeys — and in true Franco fashion, not giving his full attention to any of these roles.

Link:  James Franco and Mila Kunis Confirmed for Oz (ComingSoon)

Jennifer Garner

Garner, Jennifer –– Reports have surfaced that Alias star Jennifer Garner has been tapped to play Agatha Christie’s spinster detective Miss Marple in a series of big-screen outings. Sources state that the new Miss Marple — once played by veteran actress Angela Lansbury — will be recast from an elderly, umbrella-toting octogenarian into an “attractive American in her mid-30’s.” In other words, not Miss Marple. So enjoy simply stealing some basic mystery plots from Agatha Christie, Hollywood!

Link: Jennifer Garner to Play Miss Marple (Den of Geek)

Pong — The classic video game Pong has been redesigned in a new arcade-style table game, featuring 900 red LED grid and four paddles for multiplayer action. Which means finally you have something to do this weekend  with three of your three sixty-five year-old friends!

Link: 40 Years Later, Pong Finally Lets You Play with a Foursome (DVICE)

Spider-Man — Yet another actor in the big-budget stage show Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has been injured on the set of the musical. T.V. Carpio, who was filling in for actress Natalie Mendoza after Mendoza suffered a concussion in December on-set, was hurt last week during one of the show’s battle sequences and, per doctor’s orders, will not be able to perform. This news marks a tremendous milestone for the production: it now statistically injures more Americans per year than faulty toasters.

Link: Another Actress Injured on “Spider-Man” Broadway Set (WNYC)

Wolf, Teen — MTV has released the official trailer to its upcoming TV series re-imagining of the 1985’s Teen Wolf. It’s perfect for everyone who loves and remembers Teen Wolf, but wishes it was Twilight.

Link: Preview MTV’s Teen Wolf Remake (USA Today)

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