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The Entertation Index: April 13

April 13, 2011

Don't miss the action! Only on TLC!

Couponing, Extreme — TLC’s newest reality program Extreme Couponing, which chronicles people obsessive about using coupons to pay for groceries, premiered to a whopping 2.3 million viewers over two episodes on last Wednesday night, which cinched sociologists’ theories that if you show something on a screen, no matter what it is, people will watch it. Sometimes even 2.3 million people.

Link: “Extreme Couponing” Premiere Clips Strong Ratings (EW)

Eggs, Cadbury Creme — With Easter quickly approaching, test your knowledge of Cadbury’s holiday staple with a quiz on the confection’s history. If you answer them all right, congratulations! You may have type 2 diabetes.

Link: Cadbury Creme Egg Fun Facts (YumSugar)

Florez, Juan Diego — Famed Peruvian opera singer Juan Diego Florez stayed to help his wife Julia deliver their baby boy at the couple’s apartment just moments before rushing off to sing the tenor lead in a performance at the Metropolitan Opera. The couple wouldn’t even be in this situtation, however, had Mrs. Florez heeded her husbands musical advice to use her diaphragm.

Link: Famed Tenor Delivers High C’s – and Baby – in NYC (AP Wire)

McDonald’s — On April 19th, which fast food purveyor McDonald’s is calling “National Hiring Day,” the restaurant chain claims it will hire 50,000 employees in one day. While that sounds like great news, it should be remembered that statistically, that means at least four of those people would pee into the fry-o-lator.

Link: McDonald’s to Hire 50,000 in One Day (Slashfood)

Murals — The Rufus Porter Museum and Cultural Heritage Center in Bridgton, Maine is happy to be the recipient of “three roomfuls” of recently discovered mural art depicting life in the Northeastern state in the early 1800’s by artist Jonathan Poor. The murals depict inlets, lighthouses, sailing ships and graphic, horrific lobster attacks.

Link: Maine Museum to Get Newly Discovered 1840’s Murals (NY Times)

Shore, Jersey — Piggybacking on the success of Jersey Shore, MTV has ordered two spin-off shows: one featuring cast member “DJ” Pauly D, and one focusing upon Nicole “Snooki” Pollizzi and Jennifer “JWoww” Farley. These two outings are expected to be more warmly received than the two most prolific Jersey Shore spin-off of the past: chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Link: MTV Greenlights Spin-Offs for “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D (Yahoo)

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