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The Entertation Index: April 25

April 25, 2011

B, Lil – In an attempt to “push less separation and…break barriers,” Lil B announced that he will title his next album I’m Gay to indicate that he is a very happy person.  The heterosexual rapper says he has received death threats over his decision, but that he doesn’t care.  There hasn’t been this strong a reaction to an album title since Snoop Dogg’s Your Car’s a Piece of Shit and Your Crustache Looks Dumb.

Link: Lil B’s Bold Move (MTV)

First 100 callers win this picture as their cellphone wallpaper.

Cannon, Nick – Mariah Carey’s husband accidentally gave out his real home phone number on a morning radio show last week.  Or maybe that was his latest attempt to get his agent to call him.

Link: Cannon’s Contact Info (PopEater)

Fey, Tina – The comic and recent memoir author gives GQ some insights, including one about using a breast pump while watching Entourage: “I would try to pump milk while watching Entourage on demand. And that was the worst possible way to do it.”  It is not clear, however, if she’s talking about watching Entourage in general.

Link: Fey Interview (GQ)

Lohan, Lindsay – Though she was freed on bail, Lohan is angry about her sentence of jail time and 480 hours of community service in the case of an alleged theft of a $2500 necklace.  A friend of Lohan’s says this development is a “setback,” which would be like calling Lohan a “troubled actress.”

Link: Lohan Free On Bail (People)

Spears, Britney – The remix for Spears’ “Til the World Ends” is making waves for creating the triple-team collaboration of Spears, Ke$ha, and Nicki Minaj.  This will make for the most disturbingly can’t-look-away trio since the three-boobed lady in Total Recall.

Link: Spears’ Super-Dooper Group (Huffington Post)

Trump, Donald – Famous folks from actor Robert DeNiro to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg have asked Trump to tone down his “birther” rhetoric, which asserts that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S.  Trump himself has been the target of “Earther” claims, which posit that he was not born on planet Earth.

Link: Trump’s Claims (Daily Mail)

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