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The Entertation Index: April 28

April 28, 2011

America, Captain — Chris Evans, the actor behind the title character from this summer’s to-be blockbuster Captain America, told reporters that the upcoming superhero flick is a true “fish out of water” story. Upon hearing the use of this colloquialism with Captain America, a sad Aquaman shed a solitary tear and took the hint that no one’s ever going to make a movie about him.

Link: Captain America Will be a Fish Out of Water Story (Cinemablend)

Flav, Flavor — Former Public Enemy member and Flavor of Love star Flavor Flav has pulled the plug on his fried chicken restaurant FFC (Flav’s Fried Chicken) after only four short months of business. A source who asked to remain nameless said that several cases of acute food poisoning were complicated by emergency calls that were responded to with a lack of expedition. (courtesy of J St. O)

Link: Flav’s Fried Chicken Shuts Doors After 4 Months in Business (Yahoo)

Foster, Jodie — The Panic Room star and director of the upcoming dramedy The Beaver continues to stand behind her Hollywood pal Mel Gibson, telling reporters that she still feels he’s the “most beloved actor in Hollywood.” Foster then went on to say that “Kourtney and Kim Take New York is the best program on television” and “Nickelback is the world’s greatest band” before it was discovered she’d suffered a major injury to the head and was promptly rushed to the hospital.

Link: Jodie Foster Says Mel Gibson is Still “Beloved” (AP)

Glee — Tuesday’s Lady Gaga-centric themed episode focused heavily on gay themes, addressing the currently trending topic of bullying, drawing the ire of many conservative pundits who claim that Glee creator Ryan Murphy is using the forum to “latest depraved initiative to promote his gay agenda.” Meanwhile, the fact that the show featured a forty year-old male schoolteacher holding a “booty camp” for his teen students continued to fly under the radar.

Link: “Born This Way” Lady Gaga Episode Addresses Gay Bullying, Sparks Conservative Protest (HuffPo)

I say, old chap...cabs are here.

Shore, Geordie — After MTV’s Jersey Shore became an unlikely smash in the States, other countries are beginning to follow suit on the reality juggernaut. Take Britain for instance, which is set to premiere its own iteration of the genre with Geordie Shore. The UK version will feature similarly slutty femmes and muscleheaded guys, but with subtle differences. For instance, the English Geordie Shore male cast members are fond of the acronym GTUM, which stands for “Gym-Tan-Umbrella Maintenance.”

Link: “Geordie Shore:” UK “Jersey Shore” Announces Cast (HuffPo)

Wedding, Royal — The Royal Family, police and security officials have decided to prohibit guests from carrying cell phones and tweeting during Friday’s wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Wait. Hold up.  There’s a royal wedding? This weekend? I had no idea. They really should put something about that on TV or in a magazine.

Link: No Tweets Allowed at the Royal Wedding (Mashable)

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